Day Eight
Whitefish, MT to Havre, MT
June 16th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian- Logan Pass - 6,646 ft
Theresa- Our scenic drive on the Highway to the Sun
Wind sheer across the plains
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
Cloudy, rainy, sunny
Price of Gas 
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
 Three Horses, COWS, and a bunch of dead squirrels
 Havre RV Park
Havre, MT
 Best Western Motel Lobby
Havre, MT

Daily Narrative    Well let us just say that that was awesome!  The "Road To The Sun" through Glacier National Park gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from Brian & Theresa!  The day began early again, with Theresa lurching out of bed to run around Whitefish.  Brian's alter ego, "Ken" (as per the patch on his overalls), did some delicate mechanical work on an overactive accelerator pedal.  After reployment, a word we have probably made up, of all of our pop-out camp gear we headed eastward.  Reaching the west side of Glacier National Park around 1:00pm, we began our gradual ascent to Logan's Pass.  The road is a narrow two lane, with serious drops on the downhill side, that has just opened for the season.  Vehicles over 20 feet are not allowed and waterfalls, mountains and scenic vistas are all over.  The bus putted mightily around switchbacks and on to the top.  The scenery was breathtaking and is barely captured in some of the pictures below.  From the top, we descended into the east side of the park and onto the western edge of the Great Plains.  The drive from that point to Havre, where we have stopped for the night, is the polar opposite of Glacier.  The road is long, straight and flat, and promises to continue for days.

Daily Pictures

 The bus awakes in Whitefish again, prepared to "reploy"
Brian's alter ego Ken, VW mechanic, with tools of the trade
Ken, performing his magic
 The entrance to Glacier National Park
A tunnel that had really cool windows out the side of it 
Looking up at Logan Pass, 6,646 feet
Looking down at the previous switchback
How waterfalls are handled around here
A representative sample of the road
A look back at the road's trajectory
The three arches bridge, anchored to the side of the cliff
Theresa reassuring the bus that it will be okay
It may or may not be art, but I like it
Theresa is not so sure
Now that is art!
The plains states begin...

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