Day Eighteen
Smuggler's Notch, VT to Montpelier, VT
June 26th, 2000

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Brian and Theresa - Watching fireflies in a field at night!
The oppressive heat!
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hot (90 degrees) & humid!
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 no fillup
 holsteins and fireflies!
Pat's Driveway
Adamant, VT
 Art & Jenny's
Williston, VT

Daily Narrative    A special first anniversary  for Brian and Theresa in the "green mountain state"!  We began the day at the very nice Smuggler's Notch State Camp Ground, where we had pitched our tent in a lean-to the night before.  We drove back through the ski resort town of Stowe and stopped at Waterbury Center at the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory.  The Ben & Jerry's factory is an educational experience in everything from community involvement to agricultural practices.  Theresa and Brian exchanged anniversary gifts, learning later that the first anniversary is supposed to be "paper" and not "Ben & Jerry's Momentos"...  We went on to Burlington and walked up and down the hip, yet trendy, shopping area on Church Street.  Theresa found lots of cool funky hippy clothes and bemoaned the fact that she is not more of a cool funky hippy.  She vows to be some day.  Brian found a Borders Books and Music, bought a book and sat on a rock reading while Theresa shopped.  We had lunch at an outdoor cafe and Brian eventually remembered how to find his old employer, Burton Snowboards, where we poked around in the factory store and looked at snowboard history.  We then returned to Montpelier for a wonderful dinner with Brian's friend Pat, her dad and his new wife.  It was very pleasant to sit and visit over dinner.  After dark Brian & Theresa went for a walk to watch fireflies in an open pasture near Pat's house.  Quite romantic....

Daily Pictures

 Our lean-to at Smuggler's Notch State Park, outside of Stowe 
The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Waterbury Center
Can you spot Theresa?
The flavor graveyard
Miss Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie-
One Potato, two potato, 
Sweet Potato Pie,
No one could appreciate it,
So we had to let it die...
Brian shows off his anniversary hat and mug!
Theresa models her anniversary T-shirt and key fob!
Church Street in downtown Burlington
No vehicles allowed, for your shopping convenience
While Brian had a bad job there years back, he appreciates Burton Snowboards' corporate philosophy
The chair lift in Burton's parking lot
The requisite cool big old building for the day, Vermont College in Montpelier's main hall

Outside of which Brian was fairly confused by some "art"

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