Day Fifty-four
Half Moon Bay, CA to Bodega Bay, CA
August 1st, 2000
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Brian- scoping out the new iMacs
Theresa- Gargoyle Beads on Haight
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Nothing but sun
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 street urchins on Haight
Bodega Bay Beach Campground
Bodega Bay, CA
Blue Spruce Campground
Prince George, BC

Daily Narrative    The morning began in the Half Moon Bay beach campground, a campground surprisingly close to San Francisco and only a little north of Cupertino.  We headed for the latter first, with an eye on finding the origin of all things good and right in peronal computing, Apple Computer.  Cupertino is at the heart of "Silicon Valley" and is amusingly computer centric, a town where bus stops sport advertisements for broad band internet access.  We eventually zeroed in on the Apple compound, a number of nondescript large buildings on the cleverly named "Infinite Loop".  We poked around the Company Store, assessing first hand the new iMac colors and the new non-hockey puck mouse.  All, of course, recieve a hearty thumbs up from our team of travelers.  Pilgrimage completed, we headed due north to San Francisco.  Needing to be a fair bit north by nightfall in order to camp, we had to pick a single tourist destination for the day.  We decided on the Haight Ashbury area, the center of all things hippy in the late sixties, and still a fun street to walk up and down.  After completing the tourist loop, we waited out rush hour in the Magnolia Cafe brewpub and then headed across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Mill Valley and followed the awesomely windy Highway One north to Bodega Bay for the evening.

Daily Pictures

 Morning in Half Moon Bay
A not so quick detour to Cupertino to find Apple Computers  
 Now that's an address
For a company that is always on the verge of going out of business, things seem good in Cupertino 
 On to San Francisco, and a stadium named after an office supply store
We like this, simple and helpful signage 
 The corner of Haight and Ashbury and not a hippy in site
 ...and closer to prove it
 Very cool public art on a school front on Haight
The architecture on Haight is pretty spectacular 
 Wireless will be a good thing for this city
 The bus coming down Lombard
The bus looking at the Golden Gate Bridge  An impromptu teachable moment for Theresa 
Part of the bridge is currently under construction
The windy drive out of San Francisco
A Beautiful Sunset on the California Coast
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