Spelunking With Mom!

After reunioning in Lapine, we headed south to Klamath Falls to see Theresa's mom.  We snuck into town, nabbed Peggy, and made for the Oregon Caves National Monument for a cave tour.  It was a beautiful day and Theresa and her mom had a nice chance to catch up before and after.  The caves were very cool, with lots of nooks and crannies, narrow passage ways, and ladders and stairs to get folks from room to room.  It was very different from Carlsbad and felt a little more adventurous as we ducked to go through passageways.  It was great to spend a day with Theresa's mom and to visit with her Aunt Linda before we snuck back out of town and headed back north to Salem.
 The Lodge at the Oregon Caves
Theresa and her mom posing for a shot next to a waterfall
 Theresa and her mom catching up while waiting for our cave tour
Yes, if you can climb these four stairs, you've got nothing to worry about
 Looking down into the caves
Stalagtites and Stalagmites! 
When the two touch they form a column
Mom on the cave tour
Mom on the cave tour Cool, funky, hanging cave stuff!
 Mom and Theresa posing in front of the cave

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