An Answer At Last!

Ahhh!  Alternative transportation home.  Truth be known, we had been talking about it for a lot of our drive.  Brian's interview in Bemidji went well and he will be working in an itinerant position next year.  We have been carpooling through the winter for years, because the bus is not well suited to Alaskan winters.  The new job and only one vehicle would mean dropping Theresa off and picking her up every day.  Theresa believes this would make her testy.  Brian guarantees it.  It seemed to us that the new VW Beetle was a logical extension of the Bus, fun to drive and not at all practical.  The one we finally dickered our way into has heated seats and about every other do-hickey that you can imagine.  And, for the record, it's powered by Turbonium...

 Cool Huh?
It even smiles! 
 It's got what Brian has taken to calling a "turbo flipper" over the rear window.  It keeps her on the ground at high speeds.
Theresa is very pleased with their new car.
So excited, she just can't hide it

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