Day Five
just outside Hinton, Alberta to Radium Hot Springs, BC
 June 13th, 2000

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Rainy, snowy & sunny
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 Elk, caribou, mule deer, black bear, mountain goats, big horn, sheep, squirrels, & crickets
  Redstreak Provinical Campground
Radium Hot Springs, BC
Whitefish, MT
Daily Narrative  The sleeping bag seems to have taken it's toll on the early rising habits of our dynamic duo.  Surfacing promptly at 10:00am, Brian gave the bus a little tune-up and Theresa planned the day's route.  After our first shower in quite a few days (it's probably not right to call the sulfurous dip at Laird Hot Springs bathing), we were off to Hinton, Alberta for a little petrol.  The cell phone (which had been out of range for all but a brief period in Dawson Creek) suddenly beeped and asked us if we wanted to check our voice mail.  As we prepared to return the calls the phone rang and it was our good buddy Mike in Seattle.  After a little chatting about how ready our accommodations would be when we finally got to Seattle, Brian returned the other calls and scheduled an phone interview for "wherever we happen to be" at 12:00pm next Monday.  Gas tank full, we headed off for the scenic drive through Jasper and Banff National Parks.  True to Brian's faltering memory, the drive was very scenic and littered with wildlife.  Exiting through Kootenay National Park, we re-entered BC and settled in at the very cool Redstreak Provincial Campground in Radium Hot Springs at about 9:00pm.

Daily Pictures

 Morning at the William A. Switzer Provincial Park
Beautiful scenery in Jasper National Park, and if you look closely, the hind end of an elk
The whole elk
Brian thinks these may be mutant billy goats, Theresa thinks mountain goats
Big weird mountains
If you could see how little he's really walking on you'd be more impressed
A bad wool day
Cascading ice falls
Lunch at the top of the pass
Our lovely navigator, hard at work
More big weird mountains
Kilometers, not miles, Per Hour
These creatures made it a little hard to find a campsite...
...and didn't really seem too concerned about our needs

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