Day Four
Bucking Horse River, BC to just outside Hinton, Alberta
June 12th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
 Theresa- Seeing lots of cows 
Brian- Coming pretty darn close to driving through the end of a rainbow 

Intermittent quote of the day.....

    ....."if you get the wrong whiff of that sour'll kill you."- gas station attendant between Ft. Nelson and Ft. St. John, responding to Brian's question about the strong aroma of gas ten miles up the road.

Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
rainy & cloudy
Price of Gas 
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
 Two big eared deer, two white tail deer, llamas, buffalo,
caribou, and lots of cows!
William A. Switzer Provincial Park, Alberta
Whitefish, MT

Daily Narrative  The relative warmth of the sleeping bags caused Brian and Theresa to sleep to nearly 10:00am, rising to find that they were the only travelers left in the camp ground.  After Brian completed his chores, we were off again.  First we passed Pink Mountain Resort, and then on to Ft. St. John.  In addition to natural scenic beauty, this part of Canada boasts a wealth of gas and petroleum processing facilities.  More than once, Brian was convinced the bus was desperately ill, only to smell the symptoms disappear a few miles up the road.  We entered the province of Alberta late in the afternoon.  The wildlife count then takes a turn for the weird with llamas and buffalo.  We are quite sure they were wild, despite having momentarily wandered into fenced pastures.  The day was, once again, full of beautiful scenery and wildlife and Brian is just about sick of it.  We stopped at the William A. Switzer Provincial Park, just outside of Hinton for the night at around 8:30pm(!).  Here we find our first electrical hookup and showers.  Life is indeed looking up!  Let the battery recharging begin!

Daily Pictures

 The bus sleeps late at Buckinghorse River
He won't do them at home... 
Pink Mountain, it just draws you in, doesn't it... 
Probably shouldn't have stopped to take this 
Is that shoulders I see? 
Caribou, we think 
The last remaining bridge from the original Alaskan Highway 
Another day, another province 
It was a lot scarier looking close up, a decaying coal operation just north of Jasper National Park 
Theresa hard at work for you.
Minutes later I almost drove through the other end of this, really!

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