Day Forty
Murrell's Inlet, SC to Mims, FL
July 18th, 2000

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Brian- A 500 mile day
Theresa- Art studios in the City Market area of Savannah
The disappointing hunt for the "portable air conditioner"
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sunny, rainy, muggy, and thunderstorms!
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 lots of wild rabbits, pelicans, lots of other birds we can not identify....
Cape Kennedy KOA
Mims, FL
New Orleans East KOA
Slidell, LA

Daily Narrative    Today began with a brain storm.  If there are portable heaters and portable fans, it stands to reason that there must be portable air conditioners.  After an early morning run (Theresa) and an early more trip to the camp store for coffee (Brian), we headed back to Myrtle Beach for the Wal-Mart Super Store to pick up a portable air conditioner.  Well, as I am sure many of you already knew, the closest thing to portable was the size of a small microwave and the tab was $200.  Demoralized, we climbed back into the bus with South Carolina already over 95 degrees at 10:00am.  With the "heat index", which is the temperature/humidity equivalent to wind chill, it must have been well over 300 degrees.  With our A/C fully deployed (windows down, wings open, vents open), we headed south through Charleston, and then on to Savannah.  Between communities, the South Carolina and Georgia coastline continue to be swampy and boggy, with manmade channels cutting through the swamps for navigation in many spots.  We pulled into Savannah, and not being sure exactly where to find some lunch, we stopped at the visitors center.  The nice young man with the funny accent pointed us in the right direction and we jumped back in the bus.  Which wouldn't start.  No problem, it's a manual transmission and push starting it is no big deal.  Except that the bus has been having some kind of fuel line problems.  We decide to hoof it for lunch and walk and see if the bus would rethink it's stance if it had a chance to cool down.  We walked to the City Market area of Savannah, a historic district where the first floors of the old buildings were typically retail stores and the second floors were populated with artisan studios.  Many of the artists were from the local Savannah School of Design.  Very cool.  After a small lunch and a walk back up Broad Street, we attempted to push start the bus.  First and second try, no luck.  Then a young guy who had been counting traffic across the street came to help, but still no go.  We called AAA, began scouting housing opportunities in Savannah, found a local VW mechanic and warned them we were coming.  The tow truck guy showed up very quickly and suggested we try to push start the bus backwards (a lower gear than first), which, very reluctantly, got the bus going.  Since it was running, and we knew how to make it run again, we decided to forego repairs and get our air conditioner working again.  We headed on down Highway 17, until we crossed the Florida line and jumped on I-95 for a late night drive to Mims for a reserved air conditioned Kozy Kamping Kabin at the Cape Canaveral KOA.

Daily Pictures

Morning in the Huntington Beach State Park campground
Palm trees!
Those with a passing knowledge of Georgia Counties will know this one is on the Georgia-Florida border.  It was as good as we could do, we couldn't find a "Welcome to Georgia!" sign anywhere
Georgia, like South Carolina and North Carolina, is mostly swampy and grassy along it's coast
A truck that had sadly lost half of someone's home off of it's flat bed
In Georgia they place their billboards out of the reach of trees
A new type of bridge construction for us, as we enter the very pretty city of Savannah
We ate in the City Market area of Savannah, where the second floors of many of the old buildings house funky art studios
We couldn't quite hear the story about why there were fish on some of the rain gutters, but we like the look
Theresa and a Georgia palm
A pretty view from a bridge over one of the many inlets south of Savannah
A kudzu infested building in the nearly dead section of Highway One just before leaving Georgia into Florida.  It looks like I-95 shut down many towns along this stretch of road
Just in case any candidates thought they had a clever loophole
Theresa, with Brian's dream cow...
On to Florida
Where the number of beautiful birds we cannot identify grew by leaps and bounds...

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