Day Nineteen
Montpelier, VT to Williston, VT
June 27th, 2000

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Brian and Theresa - An awesome dinner at Sweet Tomatoes on Church Street
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Mark's Room
Art & Jenny's
Williston, VT
 Bass Harbor Campground
Bass Harbor, ME

Daily Narrative    A nice, laid back day!  We got a mid morning start from Pat's and hit a laundromat in Montpelier for a backlog of laundry.  Theresa did some shopping and Brian worked on the web site as our clothes spun.  We had a little east coast bagel lunch and headed off for Burlington.  We took a couple mile walk on the new Burlington Waterfront bike trail to North Beach.  Like any town with a little water (in this case a lot, in the form of Lake Champlain),  Burlington has decided it needs a "waterfront".  The piece right below downtown is nice and park like, and North Beach a little over a mile on up is a nice sandy beach, but the intervening mile is still full of signs of industrial decay.  We imagine, some day, this will be  nice stroll.  It was beautiful despite the scenery, 90 degrees with a breeze off of the lake.  Brian was too much of a weenie to jump into the lake, even though countless children were not.  We left downtown Burlington to find some more Vermont friends, Art and Jenny.  We eventually found them in their beautiful home, in a picturesque area of farmland just outside of Burlington.  We had a great time visiting and a truly appreciated dinner on Church Street.  We drifted off to sleep, for the first time in our journey, in the comfort of a real bed inside a real house (not that others haven't offered).  We feel very guilty about this :>)

Daily Pictures

Morning in Pat's driveway, with guard dog Chance
Ethan Allen, and his brothers, founded Vermont not furniture stores
The entrance to Burlington's new waterfront, snazzy huh?
A few of many sailboats in the harbor on Lake Champlain, kayaks were also in abundance
Despite a life guard being at the ready, Brian refused to take a dip in the frosty Lake Champlain
He was not, however, beyond chasing children off of North Beach's toys.  Check out this awesome digging machine!
Seen any cows lately?  We have!
Cool building of the day, a mightily steepled church on the road to Art and Jenny's

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