Day One
Anchorage, AK to Snag Junction, Yukon
June 9th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Finally getting out of town.... 
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 sunny, cloudy, brief rain showers
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mosquitoes & fox
Snag Junction Yukon Government Campground
Whitefish, MT

Daily Narrative  Friday, it seemed like it would never get here.  Or, actually, it seemed like the day we were leaving would never get here.  We were originally leaving Tuesday morning with our buddy Greg, but his change of plans gave us some flexibility.  We decided Thursday sounded more realistic, so, of course, we left promptly Friday morning at 10:00am.  We powered on out of the Matanuska Valley, past Eureka, Glenallen, and Gulkana.  Then, exhausted from all of the powering, we took a two hour nap.  We woke up around 6:00pm and scooted past Tok Junction, across the border, past Beaver Creek and came to rest at the Snag Junction Yukon Government Campground at about 11:00pm.  Brian promises not to drive so late in the days to come.

Daily Pictures

Brian strapping cargo, combustibles and the "Quik Shade" securely to the roof rack.
The intrepid young couple moments before departure.
A little majestic Alaskan scenery as we hurtle along.
Another type of Alaskan scenery that presented itself mysteriously in the middle of every long steep hill.
The bus, enjoying a break and the view.
Days end found Brian and Theresa entering Canada's Yukon territory.

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