Day Seventeen
North Hudson, NY to Smuggler's Notch, VT
June 25th, 2000

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 holsteins and a great big yellow lab named Chance
Smuggler's Notch State Park
Stowe, VT
Holiday Inn
Burlington, VT

Daily Narrative    Did I mention that Theresa saved a turtle's life yesterday?   That's a rhetorical question, because I know I didn't and Theresa has mentioned my omission a few times today.  While coming around a corner on a country road we saw a poor little turtle trying to get to the other side.  It would have never made it without Theresa carrying it gently to the edge of the road.  Flat as pancake, that's what that turtle would have been if not for Theresa insisting that we turn around and aid it.  My wife is a beautiful and caring person.  I love her very much.

So, the morning started early at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park at Paradise Pines Camping Resort.  Jellystone is the first really bizarre lodging choice we have made in our journey.  Brian's best analogy is a cross between the USO show in Apocalypse Now and Saturday Morning cartoons.  He knows that is vague reference, but for those who understand, it is accurate with pinpoint precision...  We got our pictures with Yogi, hit the Ranger Station for some uploads, and headed for Vermont.  We crossed Lake Champlain at Crown Point and proceeded to bob and weaved with very little accuracy over the Lincoln "Gap", down into Warren, and on to Montpelier.  Brian lived here six years back and can almost remember some pieces of it.  His crowning achievement of the day was finding old friends Pat and Whitney down the back roads behind Montpelier without a map.  It was very cool to see Whitney, who was eight when Brian left Vermont, as a fourteen year old heading off to "technology camp" (last year web pages, this year networking)!  It was, of course, cool to see Pat too, and then Nancy on up the road.  After visiting, we went back to downtown Montpelier and Theresa politely listened to Brian's endless half-recollections.  We marveled at the very un-Alaskan architecture and hiked up to a tower in the park over-looking Montpelier for a view of the Green Mountains.  We ended the day driving to Stowe and camping in a lean-to at Smuggler's Notch State Campground.  A very awesome day!

Daily Pictures

 Morning in Jellystone!
Jellystone Park, where we camped with friends!
Could Brian be any happier?
BooBoo Bri
Brian has a big smile!
A Vermont fixer upper
A lovely Vermont stream in the Lincoln Gap
Heading down the Lincoln Gap.  while the picture doesn't really show it, it is insanely steep...
Brian finds some long lost friends, Pat and Whitney.  Front and center is the monumentally friendly yellow lab Chance
The capital building in Montpelier
Directly across the street, Brian's old workplace, the all granite Vermont Department of Education
The top right three windows used to be Brian's home
A busy intersection in downtown Montpelier
A back street in Montpelier
A really big and cool church in the middle of town
If you worked for the Vermont Department of Agriculture, this would be your office building
A neat tower in a cool park overlooking picturesque Montpelier

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