Day Seventy-one
Prince George, BC to Summit Lake, BC
August 18th, 2000

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Brian & Theresa- 
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Miles Theresa Drove
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cloudy, sunny, rainy, cool
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 none that we seem to be able to recall
Summit Lake Provincial Campground
Summit Lake, BC
Ma & Pa Heckart's
Anchorage, AK

Daily Narrative    The day began in the warm confines of our Kozy Kamping Cabin in the Blue Spruce Campground just west of Prince George.  We should have two more nights before Anchorage and neither is likely to have much in the way of accomodations unless we want to get a motel room.  We've decided a slightly uncomfortable bed with a new car smell in a beautiful provincial park is far more desirable than a very expensive room.  That said, we enjoyed a couple of good long showers, repacked the Beetle, uploaded some web pages, and jetted northward.  This day's drive, in particular, takes one through a lot of communities that are a curious combination of tourist support and resource development.  Dawson Creek is a few hours from Prince George and is actually kind of a nice little town, focusing on gassing you up and agriculture.  The next two stops are Fort St. John and Fort Nelson.  Both of these communities are more resource development oriented, with smelly natural gas seeming to be the primary product.  On the other hand, they both have central boulevards lined with gas stations, fast food, and lodging.  My sense is that they just don't want you to get too far off that main drag.  Coralling the tourists, more or less.  After Fort Nelson, things become more rustic and the towns and gas stops are entirely AlCan related.  We put in a long day, which is far easier to do in the Beetle, with Theresa driving the vast majority of it.  She seems to like this car.  We settled in for our first night of "car camping" in the Beetle.  Seats fully reclined, it was actually pretty comfy.  For people of our stature.

Daily Pictures


Our kozy camping cabin at the Prince George Blue Spruce former KOA
The PG man welcomes all to Prince George!
Pretty bridge
Pretty view
So is this a safe place to put a road?
Brian monitors the water to avoid any sudden flooding
This is farm country!
Pink Mountain, one of Brian's favorite places to stop on the Alaska highway
That's some tan line...
A rainy yet scenic drive towards home


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