Day Six
Radium Hot Springs, BC to Whitefish, MT
June 14th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
 Theresa- Eating out
Brian- A pint of local micro brew for $2
none that we can think of....
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
Cloudy, rainy
Price of Gas 
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Night's Lodging
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 white tail deer, big eared deer, lamas, cows, & horses
 Whitefish RV Park
Whitefish, MT
Whitefish, MT
Daily Narrative  The morning begins in the very cool Redstreak Provinicial Campground, with a short hike to the "Radium Hot Springs Aquacourt".  Neither of us know what an Aquacourt is, but Radium Hot Springs were very different from Laird Hot Springs.  No mud between your toes here, no sir.  The crowd here seemed predominantly over seventy and predominantly German.  Despite this difference, we fell into place earnestly scooting around the pool like we had a purpose and trying to fit in.  After a pleasant bath, we left and rewarded ourselves with our first prepared food since we left Anchorage.  Theresa had ice cream, Brian coffee.  We returned to camp via route 93 south, past some sewage work going on in the spectacular gorge entrance to Radium, and then up a poorly marked and ill-conceived trail to the campground.  We left Radium around 1:00pm and drove a few hours to Roosville, Montana and entered the US.  The border guard made faces indicating that the VW was too loud for his taste.  Another hour through the picturesque Tobacco Plains area landed us in Whitefish.  Theresa had scouted out an RV park in our borrowed copy of the Trailer Life Directory that received a stellar 6/9/9 rating.  The first number is for completeness of services (we can only use one, electric), the second for cleanliness, and the third for scenery.  True to it's rating, we are able to fully deploy our pop-up camping gear with electricity, clean showers, and one tree outside of the bus.  We may never leave.

Daily Pictures

 Bright and early in the very cool Redstreak Provincial Park
Theresa, leading the way to the aquacourt
Brian, in the middle, trying to fit in
The scenic gorge entrance to Radium Hot Springs 
Brian contemplatively staring at rocks 
An artist's interpretation of the USS Enterprise.  Yes, fiberglass, but a little rough for Brian's taste
The sign says it all... 
A piece of back country Montana highway
Mecca in Whitefish

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