Day Sixteen
Somerset, NY to North Hudson, NY
June 24th, 2000

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Brian- Jellystone
Theresa- Saving a turtle's life
Theresa- Jellystone
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 fox, turtle, cows, horses, llamas
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park at Paradise Pines Camping Resort
North Hudson, NY
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Ranger Station

Daily Narrative    A beautiful day in upstate New York and the Adirondack Mountains.  The day began early, as it always does when Theresa sees a running option, with Theresa running off down the campground loop and Brian trying to figure out where he was this morning.  We have decided that Lake Ontario deserves "Great Lake" status, or at the very least a "Super Lake" designation.  Theresa feels three Great Lakes and two Super Lakes wouldn't be spreading things too thin.  The day's drive consisted of a lot of back country rural upstate New York, most of it not all that ritzy.  In our ongoing attempt to avoid all things interstate, we zigged and zagged our way into the Adirondack "Mountains" (the tallest mountain in New York is a little over 5,000 feet) from the curiously named Mexico, NY.  It was quite and adventure and I encourage you to pull out your road atlas and tell us how you would have done it so we can compare notes.  Our quest was two-fold.  We had on good authority there was a large fiberglass Paul Bunyon and Babe in Old Forge, and we had also heard good things about the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.  As it turns out, Paul and Babe are now protected from the masses by a $20 admission fee (for the new water slide, we suspect), but the Adirondack Museum was pretty awesome.  The entire day's drive was a mix of beautiful diverse forest and cool old buildings.  We dropped down the east side of Adirondack State Park and eventually landed in the surreal environment of Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park at Paradise Pines Camping Resort (we know, we know, but the Trailer Life Directory gave it the highest ratings we'd seen...)  As I type, the line dancing, mini golf, and pool games have just subsided.  Pictures with Yogi in the morning...

Daily Pictures

 Bright and early at Lakeside Beach Campground
"Super Lake" Ontario
A little rural upstate New York architecture
The bus fits right in with the color scheme
The scary thing is that this hotel is open, and we could be staying there tonight
A little sampling of Adirondack road
At the Adirondack Museum, this reminded us of the Arctic Brotherhood building in Skagway
This was called a rustic cabin, presumably because of the lack of walls
A shot of the one room school house teacher station and student desks.  Brian questions the ergonomic appropriateness for healthy computer use.
This church stole the show in Olmstedville, NY
Kind of an odd end to the day...

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