Day Ten
Fort Peck, MT to Grand Forks, ND
June 18th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian- Finding Wee'l!
Theresa- Driving the bus!  I actually enjoyed it!
The quest for Wee'l!
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sunny - very warm
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 Cows, horses (alive)
Skunk, raccoon (dead)
Grand Forks, ND
Bob and MaryJo's
Duluth, MN

Daily Narrative    The day started in Montana, just below the Ft. Peck Dam, which is the second largest earthen dam in the world.  The construction of the Ft. Peck Dam was a WPA project and pictures of it's construction were on the cover of the first LIFE magazine.  It's really big.  Spurred on by Nicholas' encouragement, Theresa seized the wheel and proceeded to drive straight (the roads have all been straight since we left Glacier) across Ft. Peck indian reservation and into North Dakota.  We spent a little time tooling around the town of Williston.  Brian has developed a theory that hotel lobbies will provide a consistent source of web page uploading opportunities as we travel, based on experience at RV parks where the upload phone is always in the lobby of the hotel that the people also operate.  He intends to find out if you actually have to be staying in the motels for clerks to let you use the phones.  Today you did not.  We then drove north for highway five, in search of Wee'l the tractor wheel turtle.  Along the way we saw some very scenic country.  In the midwest, they don't appear to tear down any buildings, they just let them collapse.  The crumbling old farm houses and barns are pretty neat to look at and make the country side seem like a museum.  Heading across highway five in search of Wee'l, we actually found another giant turtle, making for a truly rewarding experience in northern North Dakota.  After securing pictures with Wee'l, we dropped back down to Route 2 in Rugby, the geographic center of North America, and headed east for a late night drive to Grand Forks, where we stayed for the night.

Daily Pictures

 Morning in Ft. Peck, MT, just downstream from billions of gallons of dammed water
Atop the world's second largest earthen dam and, no, we don't know where the largest one is...
The very large Ft. Peck dam power plants jut skyward from the prairie
Wait! What's this? Way to go Nicholas!
An eastern Montana forest
We've heard about this place...
Should we breath deeply too?
A lot prettier than the picture suggests, Mouse River
A little cool architecture, the Williston Armory, circa 1905
These little oil rigs popped up all over the place 
And every town had one of these cool water towers
Undoubtedly the surprise catch of the day, an enormous fiberglass snow machining turtle
The quest for Wee'l is now complete, found a town away from where our documentation indicated.
Wee'l was painstakingly handcrafted from over 2,000 discarded tractor wheels
The tiny town of Dunseith, just south of Canada on Montana Highway 5, promotes turtles and peace
Our day came to an end a few hours after passing through Rugby, ND, the geographic center of North America

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