Day Thirty-seven
Ellicott City, MD to Nanticoke, MD
July 17th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian- Photo exhibit in the National Archives
Theresa- The Alexander Calder exhibit at the National Gallery 
Trying to find Nanticoke in rural Maryland in the dark
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Miles Theresa Drove
(1721 total)
sunny, rainy, muggy!
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
(gave the bus a high octane treat)
 groundhog, cows
Roaring Point Waterfront Campground
Nanticoke, MD
Santa Maria Motel
Key West, FL

Daily Narrative    The day began for the last time in the cozy basement of uberhosts Bill and Phoebe.  This is not only the first time Brian and Theresa have woken up three consecutive days in one spot, but it is the first time anyone would allow them too.  We were greeted by both of our hosts this morning, it being the weekend, and ate breakfast while looking at embarrassing childhood pictures of Rachel.  After some careful planning with regard to our escape from the Baltimore/Washington area, we drove up the driveway and off to D.C..  We decided it was safe to venture into D.C. by vehicle on the weekend, as the parking is typically tied up by bureaucrats and they would be golfing today.  If it had not been for our general lack of direction, this would have been the perfect plan.  We eventually found a semi-vacant lot very close to the Jefferson Memorial.  We began by looking through the relatively new and very well done Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial (keep in mind we have become memorial connoisseurs).  We walked from there back up the mall to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art.  After perusing the more abstract art of the East Wing, we stopped by the National Archives to see the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  The line for old documents was way too long, but we spent nearly and hour looking through an awesome photo exhibit of the last century of American history.  Back through a couple Smithsonian gift shops and the Jefferson Memorial and we were off for the coastline directly east of Baltimore, know oddly enough as the "Eastern Shore" (although we have it on fair authority that locals quietly refer to it as the Delmarva Peninsula...).  We took a look through historic Annapolis before crossing the impressive bridge to the peninsula.  On good advice, we took a pleasant side road through St. Michael and caught a small ferry to Oxford, finally settling for the night a little further south in Nanticoke.

Daily Pictures
 Brian, Theresa & the bus wake up at Bill & Phoebe's in Ellicott City
Theresa seriously contemplating leaving Brian
Back in D.C., the well done F.D.R. memorial
Quotes of F.D.R. were throughout the memorial.  On the whole, he seems to have been a pretty level-headed guy
That big building again, from the F.D.R. Memorial
A gigantic Calder mobile, in the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art
Brian doesn't know art, but he knows what he likes
Theresa and a Matisse
The National Archives, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence live behind a very long line here
Also not fiberglas, but very big.  If D.C. would just get one or two fiberglas artisans, this place could rock!
Old town Annapolis, the third city we've visited that claims to be the nation's first capital
The bridge from Annapolis to the Eastern Shore.  They build some real bridges in this part of the country
The small ferry departs from quaint colonial St. Michael's to quaint colonial Oxford
Seating four, with the bus eager to lead...

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