Day Thirty-three
Carmel, NY to Gettysburg, PA
July 11th, 2000

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Brian and Theresa- Fireflies in the forest in Gettysburg 
none that come to mind
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sunny and not humid!
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 ducks and cows
Gettysburg KOA Kampground
Gettysburg, PA
Cape Canaveral KOA
Mims, FL

Daily Narrative    The day began in the odd and rocky Clarence Fahnestock State Park, in the thin stretch of New York between Connecticut and Pennsylvania just north of New York City.  Within an hour Theresa drove us into Pennsylvania, into the geographic area called the "Delaware Water Gap".  The Water Gap is a large and pretty watershed, where we took a break at the beautiful (and Brian thinks amusingly named) Dingman's Falls.  At the bottom of the gap we made a pit stop at an authentic reproduction of a chrome fifties diner, for an authentic modern day mediocre breakfast.   It was at this point that we realized we were in the famed honeymoon resort area of the Pocono mountains and fought hard to resist the urge to splurge for a heart shaped jacuzzi.  We proceeded to wind on through the very hilly, very quaint, and very picturesque Pennsylvania countryside.  At some point it became "Pennsylvania Dutch Country", but we're not sure where and we didn't take the detour to Intercourse, PA, to look for Amish horse drawn buggies.  As Theresa was driving, in Easton we made a stop at the Crayola factory (the tour cost too much, we just hit the gift shop).  From here we called our most unsuspecting hosts yet, our buddy Rachel's folks in Ellicott City, outside of Washington D.C..  Those who have provided us with a place to stay on our little drive will be amused to know that we called to tell them we weren't sure when we would be there.  We proceeded on through Lancaster and York, before stopping at the Gettysburg KOA.  After registering, we headed into the little Civil War tourist town of Gettysburg for dinner in an authentic reproduction of a basement tavern in the oldest building in town, for an authentic modern day very good dinner.  Back at the KOA, we were entertained by the most awesome firefly display we could imagine, with fireflies scattered throughout the forest, lighting up trees like Christmas lights.

Daily Pictures

 We awake in the funky, but kind of cool, Clarence Fahnestock State Park...
....where the bus had a view
Brian experiments with an overhand driving shot technique in the Deleware Water Gap
A pretty stream below Dingman's Falls
Dingman's little fall
Dingman's big fall
She's getting to where she won't let Brian drive any more
A duck and ducklings play in a small pond covered with green stuff, Brian suspects "duckweed"
A authentic reproduction of a classic chrome diner
Pennsylvania Dutch countryside
The Crayola factory in Easton, PA
A rotary with a pretty fountain in the middle is still a rotary, Brian stares on with contempt
The great shoe house just outside of Hellum, PA
A summer home, perhaps?
The original "shoe king" memorialized in stained glass on the front door
Brian finds a new bus accessory
KOA, high tech friendly, with a sense of humor 

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