Day Thirty-two
Salisbury, MA to Carmel, NY
July 10th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian- Finding Arlo's church
Theresa- The portabello mushroom house
Lawrence, Lowell, Leominster, pick any of the large cities where the state highway is poorly marked through it's decaying industrial center
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Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
(1509 total)
sunny, rainy
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 lots and lots of road kill, one live deer 
Clarence Fahnestock State Park
Carmel, NY
Gettysburg KOA Kampground
Gettysburg, PA

Daily Narrative    The day began damp in Salisbury Massachusetts, just across the New Hampshire border.  It was pouring rain when we pulled in last night and, with the humidity in these parts, things do not dry out.  We bathed, ran a load in the campground laundromat dryer (a popular idea), and headed inland.  The initial part of our drive took us directly through the decaying urban centers of Lawrence and Lowell, where the haphazard marking of the state highway 110 required us to make many confusing U-turns.  This trend, coupled with the most ridiculous traffic control concept we have ever been subjected to over and over, the "rotary", lead to a long couple of hours.  We eventually broke free of this around Gardener and enjoyed a more rural drive through Greenfield, on to Pittsfield and down through the Berkshire "mountains".  Brian had a marginally successful time locating some points of interest from his earlier days in the area.  Most notably (to him, not necessarily his wife) was the church from the movie "Alice's Restaurant", now the Guthrie Center.  We dropped out of Massachusetts, through the northwest corner of Connecticut and on into New York.  We found the rocky Clarence Fahnestock State Park, outside of Carmel, a made it home for the evening.

Daily Pictures

 A very humid morning in the Rusnik Campground
We actually got here last night, but it was a little dark for a picture
Some day when you are ready for an earful, ask Brian and Theresa what they think of rotaries
A pretty view off of a pretty bridge
We appreciate Erving's enthusiasm
We are becoming a little confused by all of the big indians
Okay, we know it is a bad picture, but if you look directly over the blue mailbox behind the minivan you will see the largest pair of men's briefs we have ever seen
A vacation home in the Berkshire "mountains" of western Massachusetts
Theresa calls this odd structure the portabello mushroom house
Brian thinks that must make the odd sheds out back asparagus spears
A little motion blurred Berkshire woods
Most of the grave stones in this cemetery had this design on the top, where most of them in Martha's Vineyard had a different design (see the old stone on day 28).  Our inquiring minds would like to know why
In the late eighties Arlo Guthrie bought the church used in Alice's Restaurant and turned it into the Guthrie Center 
In Housatonic, Massachusetts, it is headquarters for a host of charitable projects and, it looks like, some pretty good shows
Actually, Connecticut came and went pretty quick...
...we slept in New York

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