Day Three
  Watson Lake, Yukon to Buckinghorse River, BC
June 11th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
 Brian- Laird Hot Springs
Theresa- All of the wildlife!
 Ending a starling's good time with the spare tire
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Miles Theresa Drove
434 mi
rainy & sunny
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 Four black  bears, two groups of stone sheep, a fox, one bunny, a caribou, uncountable mosquitoes, one brown furry blob swimming, two moose, and hotwater chub (very cute!)
 Buckinghorse River Provinical Campground
Buckinghorse River, BC
Whitefish, MT

Daily Narrative  Today again began early with resolve to get those sleeping bags down off of the roof.  We stopped in Watson lake and wandered through the picturesque sign forest.  The forest now apparently boasts over 40,000 signs, many of which appear to be stolen.  We also walked through the Watson Lake visitor's center which has a nice, and brief, collection of history on the Alaskan-Canadian highway.  A few hours on up the road we came to Laird Hot Springs, where we took a very pleasant and smelly dip.  There are two pools here, the Alpha being lower and more populated, and the Beta being deeper, less populated and murkier.  We chose Beta.  Brian is a big fan of the Beta pool.  We continued on into the province of British Columbia, up and over Summit Lake pass and down into Fort Nelson.  A couple of failed attempts at securing lodging led us the Buckinghorse River Provincial Park at about 10:00pm.  Brian promises not to drive so late in the days to come and dug out the sleeping bags.

Daily Pictures

 The Bus greets the morning in Watson Lake
A very small piece of the Watson Lake sign forest.  If you look closely, I'll bet you can't see Brian's head left and below of the Austin sign. 
Brian finds his first large fiberglass masterpiece, a particularly menacing mosquito! 
A black bear wandering along 
Laird Hot Springs Alpha pool, we took a dip in the Beta pool a little further up 
If only Brian had seen this a little earlier a lot of embarrassment might have been avoided
The hot swamp outside of the hot springs, home of the little yellow hotwater chub 
We kept looking for UFOs and crop circles... 
Theresa doing her best Vanna White 
Brian likes the "bigfootish" quality of this picture of a goat/sheep of some kind

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