Day Twenty
Williston, VT to Camden, ME
June 28th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian- Being "on the road again"
Theresa - Wading in "Swift River", below the covered bridge
Driving a little too late in the evening to get to Camden
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Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
(584 total)
hot & humid!
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
Camden Hills State Park
Camden, ME
Bass Harbor Campground
Bass Harbor, ME

Daily Narrative    After an early rising and nice morning of chatting with Art, we climbed in the bus and headed eastward out of Vermont.  From Art & Jenny's in Williston, we hopped on Highway Two and drove back through Montpelier.  We then headed down 302, through rural eastern Vermont, toward New Hampshire's Kancamagus Highway.  We stopped and took a stroll through an old cemetery in eastern Vermont, where the median age of those in the ground was roughly two hundred years.  We entered New Hampshire shortly after that and weaved our way to the Kancamagus Highway.  It is a beautiful, undeveloped stretch through the White Mountains, that is in stark contrast to the touristy route to the north.  It was very pretty and we finally stumbled across a covered bridge for Theresa.  Brian has only ever "stumbled" across covered bridges, so to speak.  True to Brian's recollection, heading east across New Hampshire takes less time than driving to Palmer, and we were suddenly in Fryeburg, Maine.  We angled, bobbed and weaved (I know the adjectives are getting predictable, but you look at a road atlas and help me out here) to Highway One on the coast and hit the Atlantic Ocean at Yarmouth.  The drive from there to Camden is both scenic and blatantly touristy, although some communities are obviously looking for tourists a rung or two higher up the social ladder than Theresa and Brian.  We came to a halt in the Camden Hills State Park around 9:00, with the admonition from our camp registrar that we must drive to the top of the 800 foot Mount Battie in the morning for scenic vistas.  Stay tuned for nosebleeds in the a.m..

Daily Pictures

 The bus wakes up alone, with a great view of 300 acres of Nature Conservancy land
Our gracious hosts, Art & Jenny
A 1700's-1800's cemetery we took a respectful historical stroll through
Woodsville, New Hampshire
The tallest mountains east of the Rockies, the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Not too tall, but very nice to look at and not to hard to get on top of.
The bus, being drawn into a covered bridge on the Kancamagus Highway
 They used to cover bridges in this part of the country to...  Actually we're not sure why you would cover a bridge, but it's kind of cool
Theresa, refusing to come out of "Swift River"
...and, after two hours in New Hampshire, another state...
...and another mighty testament to political incorrectness...

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