Day Twenty-eight
Martha's Vineyard, MA layover
July 6th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian and Theresa- Swimming in the Atlantic ocean.
Not being with the bus
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
Stratus- 1092
Bus- 6094
Total- 7186
(1451 total)
sunny & hot, with a nice ocean breeze
Price of Gas 
(average per gallon)
Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
 no fillup
 two cool dogs and a variety of small sea life
Scott and Stacey's
Martha's Vineyard
Ramada Inn
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania

Daily Narrative    The day began relatively late, due to the extreme comfort of Scott and Stacey's guest bed.  We rose a little after 9:00 and Brian enjoyed a cup of coffee while we studied our Martha's Vineyard map.  We climbed into the "spare Volkswagen" in the driveway, a early 80's Cabriolet, and headed out for an arts and crafts show in West Tisbury.  While much of the art was priced beyond our means, we found a beautiful ring for Theresa.  We visited Alley's General Store for a small snack and angled for the Menemsha beach for a little swimming.  Along the way, we stopped at the Chilmark Cemetery and walked through the very old grave stones, some dating to 1717.  This is also the ironically quiet resting place of John Belushi.  We eventually reached the Menemsha beach, which was a little crowded and the water a little cold for our taste.  Deciding to swim later, we headed "down" (or was it "up"?) island for the Black Dog Bakery in Vineyard Haven, where Scott works.  Scott gave us a tour of the bakery and sponsored us for a great lunch, where the wait staff was unusually attentive to our needs.  Scott questioned our not having gone to Gay Head, recently renamed Aquinnah, so we dutifully drove back "up" (or was it "down"?) island.  Aquinnah had a very majestic lighthouse, red cliffs, and a great beach where we finally found non-hypothermic water to swim in.  Swimming in the ocean was extremely awesome and it gave both of us the opportunity to show off our farmer's tans.  By the time we found our way back to Scott and Stacey's they had almost given up on us and were heading out to have a sunset picnic dinner at the Menemsha beach.   We joined them for a second night of beach dining with a spectacular view and imagine all residents of Martha's Vineyard must do this every night.  We returned "home" and kept Scott up as late as we could before calling it a night.

Daily Pictures

 The bus wakes up in front of the Autohaus in Ellsworth, Maine
Brian & Theresa wake up at Scott and Stacey's on Martha's Vineyard
Much of Martha's Vineyard is still rural, as this road suggests
An inlet near Gay Head (recently renamed Aquinnah) full of sail boats
The island sported a lot of nearly professional stone walls
Theresa's new ring, it's a Bus!
 We visited the Chilmark Cemetery
It was full of very old tombstones, quite a few from the early 1700's.  Many told long detailed stories about the deceased
Also in the cemetery is John Belushis's grave
The small shrine opposite the grave stone had all sorts of memorials
A blurry picture of Scott's place of work
Scott manages wholesale and retail production of the Black Dog bakery
Just watching him made us tired
Black Dog provides bread, pastries, pies, etc. for Vineyard stores, restaurants, and lodging establishments.  It also made us a very good lunch
The Aquinnah light house
Each town on the island had it's own beach, this is Aquinnah's
No, Brian's not drowning, he's trying to get the photographer in the water.  She eventually conceded
A happy couple's couple of happy feet
But Theresa couldn't leave well enough alone
This new pair of legs and feet may be odder than the originals.  Check out that Alaskan tan!
A quaint little boardwalk back to the parking area
Another very cool beach picnic dinner, this time at the Menemsha beach, with Skyler, Stacey and Scott
Skyler, again the fashion trend setter
A beautiful sunset brings an end to an awesome day

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