Day Twenty-four
Exeter, NH to North Truro, MA
July 2nd, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Theresa- Experiencing Main Street in Provincetown
Brian- Wading, but not jumping into, in the Atlantic ocean
Not being with the bus
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
Stratus- 582
Bus- 6094
Total- 6676
(1047 total)
sunny, hot, muggy
Price of Gas 
(average per gallon)
Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
 sand fleas, lots of cool bugs around our lantern at night
Horton's Camping Resort
North Truro, MA
Michael & Cody's
New York City

Daily Narrative    The day actually began early, in our tent next to our 2000 Dodge Stratus.  Theresa, enjoying the frills of the Stratus, seized the wheel and torpedoed towards Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where we planned to catch a ferry to see Brian's old buddy Scott on Martha's Vineyard.  When we arrived in the vicinity of Woods Hole, we got one of those good tuition free tourist lessons.  The island of Martha's Vineyard was apparently full for the holidays.  Well, not exactly the island itself, but any parking for vehicles of ferry passengers.  Primary, overflow and overflow-overflow lots were full for twenty miles.  We fell back to what must be "Plan B-5" by now and headed to Hyannis, where ferries also take folks to Martha's Vineyard.  The scene was better there, but the cost was significantly higher and the wait significantly longer.  "Plan B-6" involved aborting Martha's Vineyard and heading west to the Berkshires for the night.  A phone call turned up a canceled campsite reservation at the tip of Cape cod, and "Plan B-7" took us to the pretty awesome Horton's Camping Resort (yeah it's really just a campground, but it is full of funky Cape Cod trees).  We registered and headed for some food in Provincetown, where the pilgrims actually landed.  Brian had been here years back and remembered it being a place where alternative lifestyles were prominent, which, in fact, is even more so the case on a holiday weekend.  Theresa was very impressed by the walk up and down the crowded Main Street area and also enjoyed a little shopping.  We visited the Provincetown museum, a small place with an eclectic assortment of exhibits.  Along with the predictable Pilgrim exhibits, there was also an impressive collection of Ked tennis shoes and ceramic aquarium decorations.  Behind the museum is by far the tallest structure in Provincetown, the Pilgrim Monument, which we boldly climbed.  After returning to our camp ground, we took a stroll on the beach and waded in the chilly Atlantic Ocean and then called it a night.

Daily Pictures

 The bus wakes up in front of the Autohaus in Ellsworth, Maine
Brian & Theresa wake in their tent near Exeter, New Hampshire
Downtown Exeter, New Hampshire, a very clean and tidy and quaint New England town
Most of the state of Massachusetts later, the dunes at the tip of Cape Cod
Main street in Provincetown, where the pilgrims first landed.  You can drive it, but I wouldn't...
Different from any other place we have visited, most of the people in Provincetown were men
 The cultural experience of Provincetown also includes a little family fare
Theresa was taken with the display of traditional crazy quilts in the Provincetown museum
Behind the museum there was a very tall tower...
Provincetown and both sides of the cape from the tower
Brian, about to be knee deep in the Atlantic ocean
Theresa, demonstrating better judgment
The really cool Pilgrim Monument on a hill in the middle of Provincetown

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