Day Twenty-nine
Martha's Vineyard, MA to Ellsworth, Me
July 7th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian and Theresa- Kayaking on Martha's Vineyard
Not being with the bus
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
Stratus- 1453
Bus- 6094
Total- 7547
(1451 total)
sunny, rainy
Price of Gas 
(average per gallon)
Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
The Autohaus
Ellsworth, ME
 Gettysburg KOA Kampground
Gettysburg, PA

Daily Narrative    The day began a little earlier today, in order to return a call to the Autohaus in Ellsworth about the bus.  Walter told Brian that the fuel pump had been replaced and that the bus was now roadworthy again.  As we would not be able to make it from Martha's Vineyard to Ellsworth before closing time, we arranged payment on plastic and will have both dropped the VW off and picked it up without meeting an Autohaus employee.  After an outdoor shower, a brilliant and apparently popular idea on the island, we headed off to one of Skyler's favorite diners.  Mel's Diner at Katama airfield provided the opportunity to get a little breakfast and watch small planes take off.  After sustenance, we headed back to Scott and Stacey's to load up the kayak and head off for a local lagoon.  The very large pond on the southern edge of the island (whose name obviously escapes Brian at the moment) had both excellent cow viewing and swan chasing.  Brian and Theresa, while never having navigated a double kayak before, only nearly came to blows once.  On the whole, they had a great time and Theresa decided that we each need one of these, to have fun and preserve our marriage.  We dropped Scott off at work, had an excellent dinner of Stacey's own design, and jumped an evening ferry for the mainland.  Facing the prospect of tent camping in the rain and dark or making it a late night drive back to Ellsworth, we opted for the latter and climbed into the bus for a short night's sleep in the middle of the night.

Daily Pictures

 The bus wakes up in front of the Autohaus in Ellsworth, Maine
Brian & Theresa wake up at Scott and Stacey's on Martha's Vineyard
This outdoor shower idea is a keeper.  We are imagining a hybrid of it and Pat's screened porch for Alaska
Skyler took us to breakfast at his favorite diner...
...where you can watch the planes
A little back country Martha's Vineyard dirt road
 Brian and Theresa take Scott and Stacey's kayak for a spin.  They mastered paddling in unison immediately
Theresa says we need to get a couple of these...
...Brian smiles, mission accomplished
Scott and Skyler take Brian out for a second spin.  Brian pretends to fix his paddle while Scott does the work
Leaving Martha's Vineyard was hard
Made a little easier by another beautiful ferry ride

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