Day Twenty-one
Camden, ME to Bass Harbor, ME
June 29th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian- Libby the Lobster
Theresa- Watching Brian eat Libby the Lobster
Ellsworth in depth on a hunt for VW parts
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Miles Theresa Drove
(584 total)
warm, breezy, foggy in the evening
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 no fillup
 seagulls, ducks, geese
Bass Harbor Campground
Bass Harbor, ME
Bass Harbor Campground 
Bass Harbor, ME

Daily Narrative    The day began late in Camden Hills State Park, the low rent suburbs of upper crust Camden, Maine.  We drove, as we had been told to, to the top of the 800 foot Mount Battie for a view.  The scenery looking down on Camden and Camden Bay was nice and the bay was teaming with sailboats.  The more interesting view was on top of Mount Battie.  There were over a half dozen elderly ladies with strange brimmed hats.  Each of the hatted ladies had a paint brush in one hand and a canvas in front of them, either on an easel or in their lap.  They also each had a bag that they continued to dip into for all sorts of tools.  They were all aimed at the bay.  Brian noted that this had all of the earmarks of cultish behavior and was happy to finally begin the slow short descent down Mount Battie.  The rest of the day was spent traveling the relatively short distance to Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park.  We spent an hour or so in what must be the biggest antique shop on the planet, cleverly named the Big Chicken Barn, where we bought absolutely nothing.  We scoured Ellsworth for air and fuel filters for the bus, to attempt to cure a worsening malaise that it has been developing.  Parts secured, we headed down to Bass Harbor Campground on the southwest corner of the island.  We decided to take a spin through the island's  cultural center, Bar Harbor, and after much cursing and stress we were able to get back out of the traffic jam that is created when a community tries to remain quaint by not putting in traffic lights.  If Bar Harbor wanted to remain quaint they should not have invited all of the tourists over.  We tooled on down to our campground, registered, and went out for some authentic Maine lobster.  Brian proffers that this sort of wanton extravagance can only insure catastrophic car failure or other costly retribution...

Daily Pictures
 The bus awakens in Camden Hills, ME
Camden Bay, you can almost make out hundreds of sailboats moored in the harbor
Atop Mt. Battie there was a cult of elderly ladies in odd hats, all painting the bay 
Behind us, more members of the bizarre hatted painting cult!
 Brian conquers the Mt. Battie lookout
Theresa, in her anniversary T-shirt, on the tower
 Cool old building of the day, a home in Lincolnsville
A sad little piece of colonial history we don't remember from school.  Click in the picture for a close-up to read
Fog at dusk on Mount Desert Island, near our destination outside of Bass Harbor

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