Day Twenty-two
The bus goes on holiday in Bass Harbor, ME
June 30th, 2000

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Brian & Theresa- The Kozy Kamping Kabin!
Not being with the bus
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Miles Theresa Drove
(584 total)
rainy and foggy and just the right temperature
Price of Gas 
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Night's Lodging
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 French Canadian Campers
Bass Harbor Campground
Bass Harbor, ME
Bass Harbor Campground 
Bass Harbor, ME

Daily Narrative    Here is an interesting story.  Four years ago Brian and Theresa had been together only ten months, during the teaching program they both attended in Salem, Oregon.  Upon their completion of the program, Theresa decided that she was going to move to Alaska to be with Brian.  They climbed in the bus and headed up the Alaska-Canadian highway to Anchorage.  In Prince George, British Columbia, the bus decided it was time for a new engine.  The young couple had no choice but to leave the bus with a mechanic and move into a Kozy Kamping Kabin in a nearby KOA.  They hoped and prayed that the mechanic could cure the bus before Canada's "long weekend", their equivalent of the 4th of July weekend.  The mechanic did at the last minute, and they were off.  There is a second half to this story, but we'll save it for later.

Here is another interesting story.  After rising late this morning, Theresa cleaned the inside of our rolling home and Ken replaced the bus' air and fuel filters with the ones Brian bought yesterday.  Brian and Theresa climbed in the bus and headed off to explore Mount Desert Island and maybe take a hike.  At the local gas station, the bus decided it was time for some attention in order to run.  The young couple had no choice but to leave the bus with a local mechanic and move into a Kozy Kamping Kabin at the campground they were at last night.  They are hoping and praying (but not all that hard, because it is awfully pretty here) that the mechanic can help the bus during the half day he works tomorrow, or they will be here through the 4th of July weekend, which is "long" this year because the fourth of July is on a Tuesday.

Retribution for lobster?

Stay tuned...

Daily Pictures

 A bus in the mist, at Bass Harbor Campground
Theresa, cleaning with a smile
The bus, getting a lift 
A tow truck with a sense of humor
 Our temporary digs, the Kozy Kamping Kabin
Ooh! Bunk Beds!
 Brian prepares a hot dog feast, hot dogs donated to the cause by the camp owner who assumes we are impoverished because of the vehicle we travel in
Theresa, catching up on a little beading
Brian, what else?

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