Day Two
Snag Junction, Yukon to Watson Lake, Yukon
June 10th, 2000

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
We saw a black bear and a brown bear!
Going back 60 miles to Teslin to pick up a forgotten gas cap
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
Miles Theresa Drove
 Almost a few! (0)
mostly sunny, windy, some showers 
Price of Gas 
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Night's Lodging
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 brown bear, black bear, fox
 Watson Lake Yukon Government Campground
Whitefish, MT

Daily Narrative  Awoken by the brisk temperature, coupled with Brian's clever planning in packing the sleeping bags deep in a duffel bag on the roof rack, our intrepid couple rises promptly at 7:00am.  The morning drive weaved through the swampy muskeg between Beaver Creek and Burwash landing, and then along the shores of Kluane Lake.  By noon we were in Haines Junction marveling at the town centerpiece, which Theresa dubbed "the cupcake".  After a popsicle stop, we were off to Whitehorse.  In Whitehorse we did a little shopping at the "Real Canadian Superstore" and beat a hasty retreat.  On the way out of town, while gassing the bus, Theresa forbade Brian an afternoon snack at KFC, thus guaranteeing there will be no stops at A&W for the entire trip.  On the way to Watson Lake for the night, we stopped to top off the tank in Teslin.  If you look just outside of the picture of Theresa and the moose below, you can see our gas cap on the pump.  Two hours later we returned to pick it up.  Brian, determined not to loose the day's potential, insisted on driving on to Watson Lake anyway.  We arrived at Watson Lake Yukon Government Campground at about 11:00pm.  Brian promises not to drive so late in the days to come.

Daily Pictures

 The bus awakes in Snag Junction
Theresa was taken with "BurlyWood Hills" in Burwash
 Brian is a fan of any community that chooses a bulldozer as it's mascot
In case you had any question, you can see that rodeo is still "#1" at the Talbot Arms Motel in Destruction Bay
 The beautiful blue iridescent water of Kluane Lake
 The Haine's Junction Cupcake...
...where animals arise from the frosting
A brown bear, really
You can feel that gas cap over there, can't you?
Teslin River bridge, the longest bridge in the Yukon 
Teslin River bridge, the longest bridge in the Yukon , two hours later when we returned for the gas cap
A typical chunk of road weaving through the muskeg

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