Day Seven
Day Seven

Whitefish, MT to Missoula, MT
June 19th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian - Free wireless internet for the price of a cup of coffee
Theresa - Wandering the streets of Whitefish in search of art
Brian & Theresa - Dinking around with the cell phone company
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0 (490 Total)
Sunny and overcast, in the 70s
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Missoula KOA
Billings, MT

Daily Didactic
We headed back into Whitefish for the morning, to try to find a cup of coffee, a little internet connectivity, and a little window shopping. We were in Whitefish four years ago and were pretty taken with the place, we even laid over an extra day to poke around. While Whitefish still has a lot of charm, it also seems to be getting a little rarified. Looking back, Brian's high point of the day in Whitefish last time was a two dollar microbrew. Today it is three and a quarter, still not Anchorage prices, but not inexpensive. Like any vacation/destination spot, price's are rising with popularity. That said, as tourists, it is a very comfortable little town and we still like it, we just may not be able to afford it for long.

We found coffee and internet connectivity, Brian sat down to work some bugs out of the web site and Theresa headed off to figure out what we cannot afford this trip. An hour or so later, we called it a tourist event and headed down the road toward Kalispell. We have been trying to figure out why our cell phone is not picking up any roaming networks since we re-entered the U.S.. We actually switched companies just prior to leaving Anchorage to get a better national plan, but so far we seem to have no service at all. We have a second "emergency" phone that is roaming up a storm, but the new one is deaf to the digital network that surrounds it. In theory, it uses Verizon and Sprint networks, so we turned into a Verizon store in Kalispell to see if we could get a little support. The Verizon store was enormously helpful but couldn't resolve the issue, so we will need to call our new company Monday morning. In the long run, we spent a couple of hours in Kalispell waiting for cell phone "resetting" etcetera and eventually headed on toward Missoula none the better and few hours later than we anticipated.

We drove along the very large Flathead lake for about half of the journey and reached Missoula in the early evening. Missoula is a pleasant town that seems to have a mall/box store outer layer and a quaint old town inner layer. We secured lodging at the always relatively safe KOA and headed for a bite to eat in the inner layer of old Missoula before calling it a night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in the Whitefish RV Park Cool kid art in downtown Whitefish
More cool kid art in downtown Whitefish Downtown Whitefish
The most colorful building in Whitefish... ...Ally-Cat art gallery
Montana Coffee Traders, good for a little caffeine and high speed wireless Coming into Polson on the way to Missoula
Your chauffeur for the day Theresa, hard at work for you
The very large Flathead Lake Countryside Shot near Missoula
The Arlee Radish Tower

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