Day Eleven
Day Eleven

Billings, MT to Billings, MT
June 23rd, 2004

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Brian & Theresa - Waiting around to get the bus worked on
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Sunny, 87 in the shade, very blustery in the evening
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The horse parade
Billings KOA
Billings, MT

Daily Didactic
We rose very early and headed over to the local foreign car specialist for an appraisal of the bus's needs. Turns out both motor mounts are busted. Brian suspects one has been for quite a while and the other let go on the drive down, as the bus has been "loud" in the back for a couple of years, just not as loud as it is now. The fellow who looked at it found two replacements and can do the work tomorrow morning, so we have a layover in Billings. There are worse places to layover, certainly, and we poked around downtown Billings for the first half of the day. Downtown Billings appears to be in the midst of some sort of revitalization and a third of the storefronts say this or that is "coming soon". It is very clean and orderly, and appears to have a lot of potential. We poked around some neighborhoods full of "This Old Houses" and drove up to the Montana State University campus. A very nice town we think, but we were a little puzzled as to where normal box store loving Anchorage folks would actually shop.

True to Missoula's layout, it turns out there is a whole other part of Billings that is nothing but Costco, Borders, Target, and the like. We did a little shopping to make ourselves feel at home, and headed back to the first KOA in North America. After an afternoon of leisure, we headed back into Billings to upload a few web pages and see a movie. The weather as we left the theater had turned into a minor squall and we beat a hasty retreat to our camp site for the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in the Billings KOA, the first KOA in North America Theresa lounging
Brian lounging The Billings skate park
Downtown Billings Babcock Theatre, under renovation
A coffee place, coming soon A restaurant, coming soon
Part of the Billings Horse Parade In the background, the Sheraton. The tallest building in Montana
More of the Horse Parade Formerly the library, now the heritage center
An old painted advertisement for a set of shocks that we thought was a little ironic

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