Day Seventeen
Day Seventeen

Joplin, MO to Stockton Lake, MO
June 29th, 2004

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Brian - Talking with locals in Iantha
Theresa - Stockton Lake State Park
Brian & Theresa - Driving all the way to Springfield for a replacement phone that didn't fix anything
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Hazy, in the low 80s , humid
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Cows, very large goldfish, turtles, lots of roadkill, lots of new bugs, fireflies
Stockton Lake State Park
Pittsburgh, KS

Daily Didactic
We began the day at the somewhat unpleasant Joplin KOA. It was only unpleasant because we had arrived late, paid full price, listened to fireworks from the next door Black Market Smoke Shop until midnight, listened to the freeway the rest of the night, and Brian had to meet a lot of seemingly disapproving truckers in the restroom/shower room the next morning. To round the morning off, we drove the freeway an hour and a half to Springfield to find the FedEx station where our new cell phone provider shipped our replacement phone. Brian told them Springfield, not wanting to have to drive deep into Kansas City and not quite understanding distances in Missouri. Not too surprisingly, the new phone roams exactly as well as the first phone, so we called our old cell phone provider and had them change us to a national plan. We then called our new cell phone provider and cancelled our service. Brian's bonus feature, "A tail of two cell phones," keeps rewriting itself in his head.

Having spent too much time in Springfield with cell phone issues, we were now too late to get to Kansas City to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and we instead headed to do some Heckart geneology work in Iantha. Brian's family left Missouri for Oregon around 1910 and we have a picture of the house in Iantha. Brian wanted to see if it was still standing. Iantha is one of dozens of little "towns that used to be" that we have passed through Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. They all consist of a very short main street of entirely closed commercial buildings, and a dozen or so houses. We began driving up the four or five dirt roads that make up Iantha and weren't really seeing anything, but we did see a lady on a lawn mower. Long story as short as possible, Wanda aimed us at Willard, Willard aimed us at Clairebelle, Clairbelle aimed us at Bob at the Barton County Historical society, and the house does not appear to still be standing. We chatted about Ianthan history with Willard and his grandson, and Clairebelle and her husband, for a while and they were undoubtedly some of the nicest people we have met anywhere. We rushed over to meet Bob at the Historical Society by 4:00, and caught him on his way to a church meeting. He came back over to the courthouse to meet us at 7:30 and went through the 1880, 1900, and 1910 census records with us. These are great, wonderful, salt of the earth people.

We left Lamar and headed to Stockton Lake State Park, kind of midway to Kansas City. The campground is top shelf, owing apparently to quite a fishing lake at the bottom of the hill. We took a very nice walk to the marina amongst the fireflies and called it a night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in Joplin, Missouri Brian, demonstrating goldfish and turtle feeding form
There were goldfish the size of your arm, but Theresa thought the turtles were cuter Sounds like a party
The freeway to Springfield, our kingdom for a passenger car... Brian, providing tech support for our new cell phone provider on a pay phone
Road dodges house Roadside shot
Cows in a row Brian's grandfather and great grandparents in Iantha, around 1910
Brian, hard timing Iantha local Willard. Yes, we should have printed the picture out before leaving. Lamar welcomes us
The bus sits outside the Lamar Court House Brian has heard haircuts have this effect, but is still resistant
One of the fancier buildings in Lamar Harry S. Truman's birthplace
Brian, working hard for you The 1900 Barton County census, with Brian's great great grandmother and great grand father
Overgrown building on the road to Stockton Lake

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