Day Twentyone
Day Twentyone

Petit Jean, AR to Petit Jean, AR
July 3rd, 2004

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Brian & Theresa - Little Rock's waterfront
Brian - Not today
Theresa - A complete Pillsbury Crescent Roll failure
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Sunny, hot, in the high 80's, not too humid
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Cows, deer, very big bug, fireflies up close
Petite Jean State Park
Memphis, TN

Daily Didactic
We had another amazing thunder storm last night, probably the best of the last three nights. The thunder was long, crashing, 10 to 15 second thunder and the flash lightning lit up the forest around us like a strobe at least once every thirty seconds, often more. It easily dumped as much rain as the previous two nights. Rain hit the roof of the bus like it was being poured out of buckets.

As a result, we rose suitably late in Petit Jean State Park and were greeted with a clear sky and the sense that heat was truly on it's way. We decided, with everything still being wet and muddy, we would head in to Little Rock for the day and look around. The sixty or so mile drive into Little Rock was beautiful. Perhaps the most amazing thing is the density of the foliage. Things seriously grow here. Probably not too surpising given the climate, but very different from a climate where anything struggles.

Little Rock turns out to be an unimposing city and easy to navigate. We followed Arkansas Highway 10 to it's end at the Little Rock Waterfront and parked. The area appears to be a predictable and appropriate mix of yuppy/tourist fare. As a result we had a very good lunch, Brian had a decent microbrew, Theresa had a little gallery hopping, and we had a pleasant walk to the waterfront. A few hours later we saddled up and reversed our path back to Petit Jean State Park. We swung through Morrilton to upload a couple of web pages, hit out new super favorite store Walmart, and headed back to camp.

It was considerably hotter today without the rain, although thankfully less humid, so cranking up the fire to toast our Petit Jean dogs was a little counter intuitive, but we did as we must. Sadly, the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls have had some sort of interaction with the climate and tonight's gourmet dog wrapping was pretty gooey. To the sound of incredibly loud bugs, we called it a night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in Petit Jean State Park Theresa, signing off on web content
Road down from Petit Jean plateau Brian takes driving seriously, so should you
Arkansas back water Historic Arkansas
Wall art... ...up close
President Clinton Ave. Little Rock's Saturday Market
Little Rock waterfront pavilion Cool windows
State Capitol building Backroad porch
Looking up at Petit Jean State Park Theresa... our happy home

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