Day Thirtyone
Day Thirtyone

Washington, D.C. to Washington, D.C.
July 13th, 2004

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Brian - Industrial strength touristing
Theresa - Gallery and Museum hopping with my spouse
Brian & Theresa - Seriously?
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Hazy and humid, in the high 70's
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Squirrels, pandas
Cherry Hill Park
Washington D.C.

Daily Didactic
Another very comfortable morning amongst the amenities of Cherry Hill Park. We caught the 9:10 Metro bus to the green line and arrived in D.C. the same time as yesterday. We walked over to the Washington Monument to check on hiking to the top. Turns out it is free, but competitive. The young lady told us we would need to be there by 7:30 in the morning tomorrow to get tickets allowing us in the monument before 4:30 in the afternoon. Seems unlikely. We headed toward our first museum of the day, the Corcoran, which took us by the front lawn of the White House. Again we tried to get to where you can peer through the fence, and again suddenly the whole crowd we were in was ushered back. Beginning to question our appearance, we moved back behind police cones. This time, however, we noticed a crowd on the front lawn and two military folks on the roof of the White House. A few minutes later Marine One, carrying the President, appeared from behind the Washington Monument and landed on the lawn. Kind of exciting in a "Wow, I can't believe they'd bring the president that close to us." kind of way.

We found the Corcoran closed on Tuesday and moved onto the Renwick Gallery, which had an awesome contemporary American furniture exhibit. From there we trekked to the very cool American Museum of Women in the Arts, on to a Jim Dine installation at the National Gallery, and finally rounded out the day with the Hirshhorn Museum. Pretty amazing town, in that you could really walk your feet off for a few days seeing famous art even Brian has heard of. Eventually we hit that 5:30 wall and found some appetizers and beverages at Harry's Hotel while we waited for rush hour to pass. Heading back a little later than yesterday, we learned a little bit about "non peak" public transit travel frequency, and got into camp a little later than we expected.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in the hood The Smithsonian Folkways traveling show transportation
We got no closer to the White House today but did have some excitement overhead Undoubtedly as close as we'll ever get to the president
Marine One action photo Marine One action photo
Authentic idiot newscaster type guy who couldn't get any closer than us The Executive Office building next to the White House
The Smithsonian Renwick Gallery ''Oops''
''Chaise Marlin'' The Renwick Salon room
The lower falls of Yellowstone's Grand Canyon, see Day Nine Next on our hop...
...Theresa finds some Frida Kahlo Theresa and the Capital Panda
In the Smithsonian Hirshorn Gallery, these headless folks seem to be all over In D.C., this is the ''Old Post Office'' building. We guess it wasn't ornate enough for the USPS.

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