Day Thirtytwo
Day Thirtytwo

Washington, D.C. to Washington, D.C.
July 14th, 2004

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Brian - Art, art, art!
Theresa - The World War II Memorial
Brian - A San Francisco gentleman
Theresa - None I can think of
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Overcast, rainy and not at all humid. In the 70's
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Fiberglass Pandas
Cherry Hill Park
Washington D.C.

Daily Didactic
Once again, our morning started in the bucolic confines of Cherry Hill RV Park. We caught a slightly later train and headed for the Corcoran Museum, which was closed yesterday. On the way, we finally got to the closest, yet still very far away, spot on the fence in front of the White House. The Corcoran had a very nice installation of Norman Rockwell's paintings of FDR's four freedoms, a creepy exhibit of photographs of dead things, two excellent exhibits of student works, and a great permanent collection. It actually took a lot longer than we anticipated, so we had lunch there mid stream. After the Corcoran, we wandered into a flash thunder and lightning storm while visiting the new World War II Memorial. As we hung out behind an enormous tree on the lee side of the storm, we met a teacher from Denver with his family and a pretentious fellow from San Francisco who knew a lot about teaching because he had been on a "site committee". The storm came and went quickly, we enjoyed the WWII Memorial, and then headed to the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum is a tough one for unstructured tourists, much the same as the Washington Monument, and you need to be there in the morning to get tickets for entrance later in the day. They did have a rotating exhibit on eugenics that was very powerful and left us heavy.

Now 5:00, we had our rush hour time to kill and stopped at the Hard Rock for happy hour prices and some incredibly captivating television. A month without television does strange things to people. We eventually pried ourselves away and caught the train, and then the bus, back to Cherry Hill to call it a final uber comfortable evening in D.C..

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

The bus, happy after a nightly thunderstorm at Cherry Hill Theresa doing a little banking
The Metro bus 83 to the Green line We got to the fence today
The Corcoran Gallery On piece of many amazing student pieces at the Scholastic Art Show at the Corcoran
The Renwick Museum Couldn't get a decent photo in the lighting, Game Fish at the Renwick
The new World War II memorial from outside The new World War II memorial from inside
The new World War II memorial with the Lincoln monument in the background The Holocaust Museum
Looking down Pennsylvania Avenue Television
Pandala Heading to the train home
Blurry picture of the Archives subway station Waiting to get off at College Park

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