Day Fourtyone
Day Fourtyone

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO to Gunnison, CO
July 23rd, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian - Monarch Pass (11,312 feet)
Theresa - Arting in the bus
Brian - The newly constant "check battery" light
Theresa - Having hiking rained out in the Rocky Mountains
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Miles Theresa Drove
0 (3207 total)
Rainy, really rainy, overcast in the 60's
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Cows, deer, bison, chipmunks
Gunnison KOA
Gunnison, CO

Daily Didactic
Waking early, in order to get on a waiting list for a campsite tonight, the weather was still impressively wet. By 9:00, when the park ranger came by to tell us there was a spot available, it was clear that it was going to be a very rainy day and that our campground seemed to be emptying. We abandonded the idea of hiking and jumped in the line out of the park, slowing down long enough in Estes Park to grab a cup of coffee, and headed down Highway 7 generally toward Gunnison. There was low cloud cover, so we didn't see many of the fourteeners that everyone around here talks about. We'll have to settle for what we have back home... The drive was spectacular without the mountain tops. Not too suprisingly, the Rocky Mountains are chock full of cool rock formations, ponds, clear rivers and a pretty diverse collection of trees. We wound up and down the narrow Highway 7 until we reached Evergreen, where the road widened and speed picked up a bit. It was also around Evergreen that the "check battery" light began blinking on and off. Initially it looked a lot like a loose wire. Eventually, however, it began to predictably light up whenever the bus reached about 2800 RPM. Brian pondered the relationship between batteries and RPM for most of the rest of the drive, apparently for no particular reason as our charger says the battery was at 100% when we hit Gunnison a few hours later.

The rest of the drive was equally scenic, crossing South Park (curiously not an animated town, but a big alpine plain) and climbing very very slowly up and over Monarch Pass in the heaviest rain we have driven in on the whole trip. We stopped for the night at the Gunnison KOA, to secure electricity for the charger and showers for ourselves, still trying to decide whether we are hiking in the Rockies or heading for the desert.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in Rocky Mountain National Park Low hanging clouds
We appreciated the preferential parking in Estes Park Highway 7 out of Estes Park
Rockies Road Hazard Church on a rock
Hula Gal action photo This doesn't really help
Good Karma, ''Coming Soon''... Cows and trains
Authentic wall advertising in... ...the completely fabricated ''old time'' casino town of Blackhawk
Driving down into South Park. An area not a town. Seems an unlikely place to find Kenny
Rockies side road Heading down into Poncha Springs
Mining operation on Monarch Pass A little fuzzy, but we're guessing the high point of our trip
The deluge subsides on the way into Gunnison Western State College says ''Howdy''

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