Day Fiftyfour
Day Fiftyfour

Half Moon Bay, CA to Humboldt Redwood State Park, CA
August 5th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian - Camping in the Avenue of the Giants
Theresa - It's all good
Brian - Working around a festival at the end of a long day
Theresa - Taking sooo many pictures the camera's battery eventually gave up
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0 (4315 Total)
Overcast and windy, in the high 60's
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
Cows, various sea birds, a seal
Hidden Springs Campground
Crescent City, CA

Daily Didactic
The day started amusingly out of class in the Pelican Point RV Park. While we had intended to go to sleep in a slightly slummish public beach campground, we woke up in a "big rig" park with plenty of funny looks.

We hit the road for the 30 miles north to San Francisco. If your goal is to circumvent San Francisco (we have been here before), this is the cleanest route. Following the western edge of the continent, through Daly City, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and west out of Mill City is the quickest Highway 1 "San Francisco Bypass". Don't get us wrong, we love San Francisco, just not today. The road from Mill City to Stinson Beach is a wonderfully dramatic curvy stretch that Hitchcock used in Birds and North By Northwest. It also returned us to Highway 1 for the day.

Highway 1 north of San Francisco is less exhilerating and more often travels along cliffside meadows and pastures. It may actually be more generically scenic than it's southern cousin. It goes through far more dipping and rolling roads and amusingly picturesque towns. We bobbed, weaved, rolled and wound for hours with more "that's pretty"'s per mile than much of the trip. Eventually the path heads inland from Westport toward the redwood town of Legget. We had decided to look for a small campground just north of Legget, in the southern end of the redwood forest. In perhaps one of the more ironic turns of the road trip we descended toward Richardson Grove State Park and into an intensifying traffic snarl of hippy porportions. Long story short, and a testament to our agedness, we were the only Volkswagen bus of many trying to get around the "Reggae On The River" festival. We did get a lot of friendly smiles.

We punted and, through a happy accident, found one of a few rapidly disappearing sites (due to the Reggae On The River "situation") in the Hidden Springs Campground twenty miles north in the middle of the most awesome Avenue Of The Giants scenic byway. Far closer to enormous redwoods than we had thought likely, we called it a night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in Half Moon Bay, the bus living large and making friends Sneaking in to San Francisco the back way
San Francisco, where the bus is a celebrated icon Low fog on a hill top
A San Francisco tradition, Theresa and that cable The Golden Gate in the fog
Heading north San Francisco, sitting in a far healthier haze, fog
Up and over the pass out of Mill Valley, back on Highway One We appreciate Dogtown's attention to detail
The cows can somehow sense Theresa's presence Birds in Bodega Bay
The meandering northern California Highway One On a scenic vista trail...
...Brian enjoys the vista Open range cattle with a view
A guy way too happy to be veering left then right then left then right then... Another pretty seaside town, this time Elk
Old fence Theresa masters Brian's passenger side window shot
Sadly, Highway One comes to an end for now Fortunately there is something to replace it

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