Day Sixtythree
Day Sixtythree

Seattle, WA to Seattle, WA
August 14th, 2004

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Brian - The Iceburg Challenge!
Theresa - The Simply Fun Zone
Brian & Theresa - Being outrun by a 5 year old....
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0 (4653 Total)
Sunny, in the high 80's
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no fillup
Seabirds and ladybugs
Mike, Glenda, Adam & Amanda's
Smithers, BC

Daily Didactic
Our day started in the cozy confines of Mike and Glenda's guest room. There were sounds of children watching cartoons on the other side of the wall, but by the time Brian drug himself out of bed they were over and Adam was turning them off. After a relaxing morning and some great breakfast, we loaded up the minivan and headed to Mike's employee picnic. Mike works for a large biotech company in Seattle. It appears that large biotech companies may be better funded than public education, at least judging by their family picnics. It was a great afternoon of art, games, obstacle courses and free food. The highlight was clearly the Iceberg Challenge and the hands down winner, in multiple head to head competitions, was five year old Amanda. Brian is still nursing some wounds. Of equal interest was the Simply Fun Zone, an arts and crafts area that we almost couldn't extract Theresa and Amanda from.

Eventually we climbed back into the minivan and retreated back to Ballard and were treated to some Alaskan king salmon on the grill, some fun kid watching, and (after bedtime) Quentin Terrantino's latest flick. After a second late evening, we called it a very exciting day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

Morning in Ballard, a little shy on campers Brian is inside showing the kids how to create excellent music with Garage Band
A family minivan experience, something we don't often get At Mike's work, a large biotech company in it's new Seattle digs
It's a family picnic Adam tries to ring the bell
So does his dad Adam on the rock wall
Adam and Amanda, a little sibling competition on the Iceburg Challenge In the next challenge, Theresa tries to handicap Amanda
Brian trying a little trash talk... ...and still getting beat by Amanda
Her daughter's mother, Glenda, unbeatable in a skirt Theresa and Mike in the Simply Fun Zone
Brian and Theresa Looking toward downtown from ''campus''
Brian and Adam, racing to the bottom of the hill A little very wet father and son bonding
More Alaskan than he'll let on, Mike with a little salmon on the barbeque

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