Day One

Anchorage, AK to Tok, AK
May 26th, 2009

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You know... Getting out of town
You know... Trying to get out of town
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K'Naan, The Roots, Lilly Allen
Nothing but sun, and thunder clouds
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Moose and a few dozen suicidal rabbits
Porcupine Creek Campground
Missoula KOA, Missoula MT

Daily Didactic
Our Monday morning departure came promptly at rush hour on Tuesday afternoon. This actually marks a three day improvement over our 2004 departure, so we are feeling pretty successful. Ostensibly the delay was because Brian failed to get the all important "seasonal waiver" for the bus that allows it to be registered yet to ignore emissions requirements the bus couldn't possibly pass, in exchange for us happily promising not to drive it in the winter. The waiver process has to be done in person at the Health and Human Services building downtown for some reason. Brian was there at 8:30 after a few last minute hours at work. The reality, of course, is that we weren't remotely ready to leave yet and spent the rest of the day getting things in order.

We joined the throng of traffic heading toward the Matanuska Valley at 5:00 and, with the exception of a strange lightning storm over Arctic Valley, enjoyed a beautiful drive up and out of Palmer, past the Matanuska Glacier and on to Glennallen. The bus puttered along like a willing participant. We gassed up in Glennallen and pushed on another hour or so before coming to rest at the familiar, if not impressive, Porcupine Creek Campground sixty miles south of Tok.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000101.jpg nonethumb_P1000103.jpg
Don't know how we ever got past Airport Heights without it The Matanuska River
thumb_P1000105.jpg nonethumb_P1000107.jpg
Theresa's feet The windy road to Sutton
thumb_P1000110.jpg nonethumb_P1000112.jpg
The windy road past Sutton Road trip technology 2009
thumb_P1000119.jpg nonethumb_P1000123.jpg
More Matanuska River The front of Matanuska Glacier
thumb_P1000126.jpg nonethumb_P1000129.jpg
The back of Matanuska Glacier The Wrangell Mountains in the distance
thumb_P1000131.jpg nonethumb_P1000133.jpg
Personal motorcoach, circa 1977 Intrepid travelers, circa 2009
thumb_P1000135.jpg nonethumb_P1000138.jpg
Forboding sky on the way to Gakona The Gakona Roadhouse bridge
thumb_P1000151.jpg nonethumb_P1000154.jpg
Sunset past Chistochina ...and behind us

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