Day Three

Teslin, Yukon Territory to Summit Lake, BC
May 28th, 2009

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A few hours in the hot sulphury springs of Laird
Wondering where the gas fumes were coming from and then finding out
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Beck, The Beastie Boys, The Little Willies
A little bit of everything, but plenty of sunshine
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Moose, Caribou, Bear
Summit Lake Provincial Campground
Missoula KOA, Missoula MT

Daily Didactic
The bus started a little after 10:00 at the very pleasant Squanga Lake Provincial Campground with no assistance, in spite of the fact that we had picked a clever site at the top of a hill to roll to a start. We gassed up in Teslin and crossed the Teslin "super bridge" to the long and not too exciting road to Watson Lake. About four hours later we gassed up in Watson Lake and unsuccessfully shopped for an extension cord and whisk broom. While we will obviously live without such luxuries, there is nothing like a four hour drive to convince the mind that Watson Lake is the best place to get them. We left no better or worse than when we arrived with a little extra gas and headed the hour or two east to Laird Hot Springs.

If you've followed along before, you know what's coming here. Effusive praise of the mid Alcan natural wonder that is Laird Hot Springs. Three long days on a lonely road can make two hot pools of seriously sulphury smelling water (and no opportunity to shower off after) seem like heaven. We hung out for a while in the lower pool listening to a Fairbanks contingent jabber on about the virtues of never going anywhere unarmed to the amused looks of some Canadians. After internalizing the clear fact that we need to get all the ammo we can before Obama makes it all illegal, we headed up to the upper pool where dipped in solitude for a while. After an hour and half of pruning up, we hit the Laird Hot Spring Lodge for some much appreciated diner food.

We'd been smelling gasoline for some distance from Watson Lake and Brian thought it was probably a result of the Bus's timing being way off due to the elevation climbing we'd been doing. As he was adjusting the timing in Laird's overflow parking after our dip, he noticed a couple of pinhole geysers of gas coming out of the fuel line. He MacGyvered the fuel line up with some duct tape a hose clamp and a zip tie and we continued climbing through Muncho Lake, eventually stopping at Summit Lake Provincial Campground for the evening.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000263.jpg nonethumb_P1000269.jpg
A lovely morning, perched to roll in Squanga Lake Teslin Lake
thumb_P1000272.jpg nonethumb_P1000275.jpg
The Teslin Super Bridge Road shot on the way to Watson Lake
thumb_P1000279.jpg nonethumb_P1000308.jpg
Nothing but joy! We saw a bunch of Bison today
thumb_P1000312.jpg nonethumb_P1000350.jpg
...and a few bears Ahhh... sulphury goodness
thumb_P1000326.jpg nonethumb_P1000331.jpg
Brian in the upper pool, sans ammo Upper pool safety precautions
thumb_P1000335.jpg nonethumb_P1000337.jpg
Boardwalk between pools The lower pool, seriously hot in the foreground
thumb_P1000338.jpg nonethumb_P1000349.jpg
Way funner than it looks Brian setting the timing, discovering spewing gas
thumb_P1000356.jpg nonethumb_P1000362.jpg
Road skillz One of many more bison, shedding a layer or two
thumb_P1000365.jpg nonethumb_P1000366.jpg
Cool bridge on the way out of Laird Pretty
thumb_P1000367.jpg nonethumb_P1000371.jpg
The omnipresent foot shot Northern Rockies near Muncho Lake
thumb_P1000373.jpg nonethumb_P1000380.jpg
Inserting the most expensive gas of the trip, 5.50 a gallon Ice on Muncho Lake
The moon over Summit Lake

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