Day Seven

Missoula, MT to Stanley, ID
June 1st, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Theresa- Shopping in Missoula
Brian- Visiting two auto shops for free
Getting on the road to Idaho at 5:00
Miles Traveled Today
Total Miles Traveled
The Bus Playlist
Beatles, The Band, The Pretenders, Public Enemy
Sunny and windy, cloudy with sprinkles
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
Deer, Llamas, Cows, Horses, Sheep
Mormon Bend Campground, Stanley ID
Stanley, ID

Daily Didactic
It was a mighty productive day, which began around 9:00 in the interesting Missoula KOA. As KOA's go, it's a little busy and is weirdly located in a small forest just adjacent to Missoula's box store district. That said, it was quiet, clean, and the bathrooms (we're serious) smelled like that Betty Crocker yellow cake. We wonder how they do that. Brian had a list of bus maintenance he hoped to get others to do and Theresa had a shopping list. We dropped off the bus at Costco for their free tire balancing and rotation and hit Barnes & Noble and Old Navy. Brian worked the phone and finally found a really helpful fellow at Zip Auto that could get us in at 2:00 to look at the starter and a clunking in the right rear of the bus. We then let Google Maps on the iPhone direct us to an REI and then all the way across town to Zip Auto. That was pretty incredible, it would be really hard to get lost with this little thing.

While Shane at Zip took the bus in for a look and tried to find a replacement starter, we wandered around the very pleasant downtown Missoula. Theresa bought some more "road clothes" and Brian did not. About an hour later we stopped back at Zip and the bus was ready. Shane hadn't found a starter in town, but his mechanic was able to silence the clunk which was really preferable. Better, he didn't charge us because the fix was just tightening a shock bolt that Brian should have noticed himself and it only took a minute. We left our new favorite auto shop and revisited the Iron Horse Pub for a late lunch.

It was now 4:30 and we were going to Idaho today. We got on the road out of Missoula with rush hour traffic and put in a long evening of driving along the very pretty Bitterroot Mountain range and then up into the Sawtooth Mountains. We called it a night a little before 10:00 at Mormon Bend Campground, just outside of Stanley.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000669.jpg nonethumb_P1000675.jpg
Morning in the woods of the Missoula KOA Seems a little biblical for local government, but we appreciate it
thumb_P1000680.jpg nonethumb_P1000681.jpg
Downtown Missoula, it's alright Cool old buildings
thumb_P1000682.jpg nonethumb_P1000684.jpg
Cool bank The awesome Zip Auto
thumb_P1000686.jpg nonethumb_P1000688.jpg
Neat dome My gas station is powered by wind? Seems silly.
thumb_P1000690.jpg nonethumb_P1000695.jpg
A really great name The cute little western town of Darby
thumb_P1000698.jpg nonethumb_P1000699.jpg
Great mural Downtown Darby
thumb_P1000712.jpg nonethumb_P1000715.jpg
Montana countryside on the way to Idaho The road followed the swollen Salmon river for much of the drive
thumb_P1000716.jpg nonethumb_P1000722.jpg
Teepees! Must have been an exciting place to be
thumb_P1000723.jpg nonethumb_P1000725.jpg
Salmon and wisdom, mutually exclusive Idaho welcomes us at the top of Chief Joseph Pass
thumb_P1000727.jpg nonethumb_P1000732.jpg
The windy road down the back side It was tempting
thumb_P1000733.jpg nonethumb_P1000736.jpg
We have been on highway 93 for days, it's a really great road Interesting outcropping
Rural Idaho, we like it

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