Day Eight

Stanley, ID to Caldwell, ID
June 2nd, 2009

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Breakfast in the quaint town of Stanley
Finding out our first backpacking trail was under snow
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The Beatles, Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Boogie Down Productions
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Caldwell Campground and RV Park
Caldwell, ID

Daily Didactic
The day began in the very pleasant Mormon Bend Campground, ten miles east of Stanley on the Salmon River. The campground was nearly empty when we got there and entirely empty by the time we rose. We saw some rafters put into the Salmon, what we were later told at a Stanley gear shop were raft guide trainees preparing for the season. Looked cold and fun. We motored the ten miles into Stanley and out of our brief shopping spree at an outfitter shop got a breakfast recommendation. The bakery in the very perfectly rustic town of Stanley is the sort of place you hope to find on the road, great breakfast and good coffee.

So, this was to be our first night in a tent, backpacking the Toxaway lake loop. Turns out there is a lot of snow here and this was sadly not going to happen. We stopped in at the ranger station and asked for alternative day hikes and even this stumped her. She came up with a hike down near Ketchum, but neither of us left the conversation sold on it. We decided to head for Ketchum, a town a few miles from Sun Valley, and crossed up and over Galena Pass. The road over was windy and fun and still pretty snowy. As we dropped down toward Ketchum it started drizzling and really didn't make day hiking seem like a fun choice. Theresa was excited to check out a consignment shop her student teacher Mary had told her about, so excited she called Brian from inside to tell him how excited she was. After her excitement subsided we walked around downtown Ketchum for a while and then decided to motor on to Caldwell, the home of Brian's alma mater. Not the backpacking trip we were hoping for, but an advance towards Yosemite where we imagine there will be less snow.

The drive to Caldwell was straight and flat, as Brian rememebered it. We stopped for the night in the Caldwell Campground and RV Park, an interesting (if not upscale) place to spend the night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1000747.jpg nonethumb_P1000751.jpg
A very peaceful morning in Mormon Bend The Salmon River, running high and fast
thumb_P1000761.jpg nonethumb_P1000756.jpg
The Stanley Bakery Cool art
thumb_P1000759.jpg nonethumb_P1000760.jpg
That is ham, eggs, and a 20 oz mug-o-latte That is granola and tea
thumb_P1000764.jpg nonethumb_P1000768.jpg
Parked next to us at the bakery, a vintage Alaskan truck camper The Stanley Library, free wireless from your car. We donated.
thumb_P1000770.jpg nonethumb_P1000784.jpg
Downtown Stanley The Salmon River, we've spent two days with it
thumb_P1000785.jpg nonethumb_P1000797.jpg
Looking back during the climb up Galena Summit Brian, being large
thumb_P1000798.jpg nonethumb_P1000800.jpg
Kids and stickers Something we need to do
thumb_P1000801.jpg nonethumb_P1000806.jpg
In Ketchum, we doubt the pioneers could afford either place Cool barn
thumb_P1000809.jpg nonethumb_P1000816.jpg
The straight road to Boise Still driving, still smiling
thumb_P1000817.jpg nonethumb_P1000827.jpg
That is unfortunately seven days growth, she hasn't said no yet Cool barn
thumb_P1000831.jpg nonethumb_P1000834.jpg
Caldwell ID, farm city Brian spent four years here once
thumb_P1000843.jpg nonethumb_P1000844.jpg
Downtown Caldwell, we just liked the art The Corral, oh yeah...

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