Day Ten

Zephyr Cove, NV to Yosemite National Park, CA
June 4th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
The drive into Yosemite Valley.
We can not think of anything.
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Little Feat, NPR, Lyle Lovett
Sunny but kind of chilly
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Deer, Cows, Horses, Fox
Hogdon Meadow Campground
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Daily Didactic
Any day that starts at Lake Tahoe and ends in Yosemite has to be a win.

We woke at the beautiful Nevada Beach campground and Theresa jogged on down the road while Brian headed to the beach and took a few photos. The view was awesome and Nevada Beach itself seems to be a nice little oasis in some pretty high test country. We'd guess real estate around here is not inexpensive and we realized on the way out that we were only a few miles north of the Mecca that is South Lake Tahoe. Half in Nevada and half in California, the enormous casinos disappear mid-town. We slowed down long enough on the Nevada side for a 3.99 breakfast recommended by the gal working at the campground. It was fine, but even at 3.99 we don't think they are losing any money on it (even without us gambling). After the sustenance we headed on through town, stopping long enough in a parking lot to upload some pages. It appears wireless has indeed become ubiquitous.

Our GPS software suggested Carson Pass as the fastest route to Yosemite National Park, so we went along with the recommendation. It was another beautiful 8000+ foot pass and we enjoyed it. We dropped back down to the valley floor on the other side and headed south through Calaveras County, where if we are not mistaken Mark Twain wrote a story about their frog jumping championships. They seem to have really held onto this distinction and run with it.

We climbed back up toward Yosemite Valley and the Big Oak Meadow entrance. Theresa had managed to snag us a last minute reservation at the Hodgdon Meadow campground for the night. We registered and then headed the 45 minutes up to Yosemite Village to poke around. We got some advice from the very nice but reluctant Ranger Paul ("I've only been here a week", "You want to make this your trip, not Ranger Paul's"), bought a hiking book, and hit the store for some groceries and firewood. We tooled on back to the campground and had a campfire and dinner before calling it a great day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010016.jpg nonethumb_P1010019.jpg
Morning at the Nevada Beach campground The sand is a little coarse, but the setting is awesome
thumb_P1010031.jpg nonethumb_P1010048.jpg
The beach towards South Lake Tahoe Benches with views
thumb_P1010060.jpg nonethumb_P1010061.jpg
The park ranger recommended this for breakfast, it worked California welcomes us
thumb_P1010068.jpg nonethumb_P1010070.jpg
We chose Carson Another wonderful no shoulders and windy road
thumb_P1010081.jpg nonethumb_P1010087.jpg
A little road repair at the top of Carson Pass The view while we waited
thumb_P1010101.jpg nonethumb_P1010107.jpg
Cool bridge Calaveras countryside
thumb_P1010118.jpg nonethumb_P1010114.jpg
A town whose identity seems pretty shaped by Mark Twain Frog statue
thumb_P1010136.jpg nonethumb_P1010142.jpg
The awesome climb up to Yosemite Tie Dye Jerky?
thumb_P1010143.jpg nonethumb_P1010145.jpg
Perhaps the third time we drove through the same cute little town Yosemite National Park
thumb_P1010153.jpg nonethumb_P1010157.jpg
The beautiful road toward Yosemite Valley El Capitan, look up to the right
thumb_P1010160.jpg nonethumb_P1010162.jpg
There you go Yosemite Falls
thumb_P1010167.jpg nonethumb_P1010170.jpg
The makings The product

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