Day Eleven

Yosemite National Park, CA to Yosemite National Park, CA
June 5th, 2009

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Buying new gear.
Rained out of hiking.
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Raining with snow in the morning
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Upper Pines Campground
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Daily Didactic
The morning began at 6:30 in the removed Hodgdon Meadows Campground, on the recommendation of Ranger Paul. If you know us, you know that time of day is reserved for teacher contract days, not vacation. However, while Theresa had managed to find us two nights in Yosemite campgrounds (tonight in Upper Pines in the valley), we were two nights short. Ranger Paul had recommended being in line at Campground Reservations when they opened at 7:30, to see if we could get spots for Saturday and Sunday nights. We headed up to Yosemite Valley and chose not to get in line immediately, as the office did not open until 8:00. At 7:50, Brian went to stand in line in the rain and Theresa smartly called the reservations number again. At 8:00 Theresa called Brian in out of the rain having arranged two more nights of camping in the valley.

Interestingly, it was snowing on our drive up from Hodgdon Meadows and this turned into a steady rain until late afternoon. The outcome for the day was no hiking, a run (for Theresa), a nap, visiting all of the museums and informational centers in the seven building Yosemite Village, and buying tickets for a movie at the visitor center in the evening. At around 4:00 we picked up some refinancing title paperwork we had FedEx'd to the park lodge. For dinner we visited Curry Village, and shared the world's smallest small pizza while Brian enjoyed one of the world's most expensive pint of beer. At 7:00 we headed to the visitor center for an entertaining movie on rock climbing and Yosemite.

The rain having stopped for the evening, we built a campfire and enjoyed listening to our louder campground neighbors for a few hours before calling it a non-productive but pleasant day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010184.jpg nonethumb_P1010192.jpg
Morning in the nice but distant Hodgdon Meadows Campground Yep, that is snow
thumb_P1010193.jpg nonethumb_P1010194.jpg
...and it's accumulating Brian took the time to reaquaint himself with volcanic science
thumb_P1010196.jpg nonethumb_P1010197.jpg
Brian and the curiously small John Muir Half dome on the way to our new campsite in Upper Pines
thumb_P1010202.jpg nonethumb_P1010203.jpg
Cool diagonally cascading waterfall Some history near the Ahwahnee Hotel
thumb_P1010205.jpg nonethumb_P1010206.jpg
Meadow and granite Half Dome in the distance
thumb_P1010209.jpg nonethumb_P1010211.jpg
Yosemite Haircare Theresa and a very large tree
thumb_P1010212.jpg nonethumb_P1010213.jpg
Yosemite Falls behind the Visitor Center Excellent, a movie!
Turned out to be sold out and entertaining

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