Day Twelve

Yosemite National Park, CA to Yosemite National Park, CA
June 6th, 2009

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Low Point of the Day......
Going on an AWESOME hike
It's another very rainy day
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87 in the bus and 10.5 on foot
Lyle Lovett and Guru
Overcast and rainy
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A grouse family, deer, and a woodpecker
North Pines Campground
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Daily Didactic
A really wonderful day. It began in the busy Upper Pines campground a little later than it probably should have, 9:00ish or so. Theresa had identified the day's goal as something called the Panorama Trail, a south rim hike with a lot of views and ending for us at Nevada Falls. Unfortunately we were out of food and low on gas.

We swung by Degman's Deli in the village for a Deg Muffin, which we discovered yesterday and and is simply an Egg-A-Muffin on steroids. Our food issue was solved but there is no gas in the valley, so we had to motor 30 minutes down to Crane Flats and 30 minutes back. This prepared us for the 30 mile climb up out of the valley to Glacier Point. Glacier Point is the location of some of the more iconic Half Dome photos of Ansel Adams and is also the trailhead for the Panorama Trail. The trail was incredibly scenic, and there are plenty of photos below to attest to this. It took about 6 hours for the 10 and a half miles. While we had great vistas of the valley floor, Half Dome, and waterfalls on the way out, about half way back it started raining in ernest. When we got back to the bus we were both damp and happy.

We motored back down into the valley, checked into our campsite, and then bee-lined to the Curry Dining Pavilion for the all you can eat buffet. Brian gathered enough food to hold him through the summer and Theresa behaved better. Sated, we found our new campsite and called it a great day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010230.jpg nonethumb_P1010235.jpg
The bus in the actually quite busy Upper Pines campground Brian fighting one of those Californian environmentally safe gas nozzles
thumb_P1010252.jpg nonethumb_P1010253.jpg
We are heading to Nevada Falls, that is 5.2 Half Dome, we have a million of these now
thumb_P1010258.jpg nonethumb_P1010261.jpg
Evidence of the 1996 fire, and Half Dome Vernal and Nevada Falls. We are heading to the upper one.
thumb_P1010267.jpg nonethumb_P1010270.jpg
Papa grouse A cool tree, and Half Dome
thumb_P1010273.jpg nonethumb_P1010280.jpg
Illilouette Falls Water cascading over rock above the falls
thumb_P1010285.jpg nonethumb_P1010293.jpg
Theresa reading the legend of the giant that went over the falls. Not really. Theresa and mossy trees
thumb_P1010297.jpg nonethumb_P1010298.jpg
Sequoia bark The Snow Plant flower, really
thumb_P1010305.jpg nonethumb_P1010308.jpg
Theresa and really big deadfall Hikers lined up to take the cable steps to the top of half dome
thumb_P1010309.jpg nonethumb_P1010315.jpg
Old runoff diversion Water rushing over the trail
thumb_P1010319.jpg nonethumb_P1010321.jpg
Nevada Falls and a crowd Water just about to take a nasty plunge
thumb_P1010331.jpg nonethumb_P1010333.jpg
Brian heading down for a view The view
thumb_P1010355.jpg nonethumb_P1010358.jpg
Brian hoofing it back to the bus Signage
thumb_P1010360.jpg nonethumb_P1010378.jpg
Nothing but joy Fire kill in the cloud
thumb_P1010379.jpg nonethumb_P1010380.jpg
A woodpecker pecking, in the cloud Lonely bus, we barely found a parking space when we got there

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