Day Fifteen

Cathedral Gorge, NV to Zion National Park, UT
June 9th, 2009

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Cathedral Gorge!
Not being able to find the northern entrance to Zion National Park.
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Hare, Sheep, Cows, Horses, Ostrich, and Lizards
Zion Canyon RV Park and Campground
Springdale, UT

Daily Didactic
The day started in the spectacular Cathedral Gorge campground. For state campgrounds it doesn't get much better. Half full, fourteen dollars a night, big sites with trees, a shaded picnic table, nice bathrooms, free showers, donation supported firewood, and a crazy natural phenomenon around you. We had breakfast at a bench with a view on a rise in the middle of the campground, in an early morning desert temp in the lower 70's. After a bunch of nights in the near freezing Sierras, it might have well been the Caribbean.

We left the campground for the namesake attraction on the opposite side of the small valley. We know we were amongst hoodoos and spires, but aren't entirely sure which is which. What we do know is that there were these awesome "slot caves" (Brian made that up) that you can go back into for quite a ways in the eroded mud that forms them. Look at the pictures below, you'll get it. It was incredibly cool. Along with the hoodoos, spires, and slot caves there was some great old CCC work and a prison work gang with a guard. They appeared to be raking and weeding the desert. We would not want to be in prison in Nevada.

We got on the road with high aspirations to be in Zion in time to get a first come, first serve campsite. We reckoned being there around noon. Ultimately we had to get some groceries in Cedar City, missed the northern entrance and ended up on the freeway south to St. George, and from there gave up and went to the St. George Costco for some to do list items. We reached the southern entrance at a respectable 5:00, but all Zion campgrounds had been full for hours. We retreated a few hundred yards out of the park to the Zion Canyon RV Park and Campground, intending to be earlier in line for a park campsite tomorrow. We snuggled in with the big rigs, and made two attempts to find dinner. The first had us running back to the bus in a rain squall. The second left us fed and back in the bus a few hours later happy to nod off.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1010673.jpg nonethumb_P1010677.jpg
Morning in the superb Cathedral Gorge campground Theresa whips up something healthy
thumb_P1010679.jpg nonethumb_P1010682.jpg
Our neighbor, we like the looks of Little Joe Hare or Jack Rabbit? Feel free to help make one of us right
thumb_P1010689.jpg nonethumb_P1010695.jpg
Leaving the campground, heading to the natural phenomenon Hoodoos or spires? Seriously we need to do a little reading
thumb_P1010691.jpg nonethumb_P1010700.jpg
The entrance to Moon Caves In Moon Caves, looking up
thumb_P1010706.jpg nonethumb_P1010709.jpg
The route is awesome and made for the narrow Looking up where the moon would be
thumb_P1010712.jpg nonethumb_P1010725.jpg
Tumbleweed sanctuary Looks like elaborate mud work to us
thumb_P1010731.jpg nonethumb_P1010737.jpg
Pretty bird From the top looking down
thumb_P1010740.jpg nonethumb_P1010749.jpg
Looking up out of another cave A strange and very old 2x4 mid way up
thumb_P1010752.jpg nonethumb_P1010755.jpg
Close up The bus, not made nervous at all by the prison work crew behind
thumb_P1010756.jpg nonethumb_P1010768.jpg
There is some good CCC work here Okay, educate us. Spudnuts?
thumb_P1010771.jpg nonethumb_P1010773.jpg
The roady up and out of Nevada Utah welcomes us with an odd collage
thumb_P1010781.jpg nonethumb_P1010783.jpg
East of Hurricane on the road to Zion Ditto
thumb_P1010790.jpg nonethumb_P1010796.jpg
The park entrance The very pretty visitor center where we learned the inn was full tonight
thumb_P1010802.jpg nonethumb_P1010803.jpg
Escaping the rain after an aborted hike through Springdale Brian watching the weather go by

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