Day Eighteen

Zion National Park, UT to Zion National Park, UT
June 12th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Scout Lookout, more or less
Brian's gimpy foot and Theresa's bellyache from too many Whoppers at the Zion Giant Theater
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18 in the bus, 7 on the park shuttle, 5 on foot
Sunny high 80s
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Deer, Owls, Lizards, Teeny Squirrel
South Campground, Zion National Park
Escalante, UT

Daily Didactic
The day started in sunny South Campground. We got a relatively early start for the shuttle to "The Grotto" where the trailhead for the Angels Landing hike we've been equivocating on for a few days begins. The climb up the Angels Landing/West Rim/Scout Lookout train begins with a pile of increasingly severe switchbacks, that then lead through a nice draw called "Refrigerator Canyon", and culminate in an awesome piece of engineering called "Walter's Wiggles". The Wiggles are a series of twenty something short and steep switchbacks that a early park caretaker named Walter concocted to get us tourists up a hairy little piece of rock. At the top of the Wiggles is the no mans land that is Scout Lookout. This is where the masses clamor on up the .5 mile fin that leads to Angels Landing and those more risk averse stop and wait. We did neither. Instead we hiked a little way further up the West Rim trail and sat on a perch watching the hundreds of less cautious hikers scurry up the fin and onto the Landing. We felt comfortable in our safety and intrigued by the view. Maybe someday, but not today. Eventually we unwiggled, thawed, and unswitched our way back to the shuttle stop.

Running out of clothes and cleanliness, we headed into the conveniently located Springdale for a laundromat and shower. We also stopped at the Pioneer Cafe, where no doubt pioneers used the internet in their travels, to upload a web page or two and then hit the grocery store. After this momentary spurt of productivity, we headed back to camp. Theresa painted and Brian tried to eek internet into his iPhone on the margins of spotty cell service. After an unmatched meal over a one burner stove, we headed back across the park border for a second night of excitement in the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theater! Tonight's serving, "Night At The Museum II". Really Big.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1020026.jpg nonethumb_P1020031.jpg
Morning in sunny South Campground There goes the neighborhood, hey wait...
thumb_P1020033.jpg nonethumb_P1020034.jpg
The Angels Landing or Scout Lookout trailhead, we haven't decided which yet Four or five strenuous miles either way
thumb_P1020035.jpg nonethumb_P1020037.jpg
The top of that rock on the left is Angels Landing, looks fine from here The trail goes up that craggy part in the middle
thumb_P1020040.jpg nonethumb_P1020041.jpg
Looking back at the more casual switchbacks A couple of photographers on the part of the trail in the next photo
thumb_P1020043.jpg nonethumb_P1020046.jpg
Like a sidewalk on a cliff Looking up at Walter's Wiggles
thumb_P1020053.jpg nonethumb_P1020055.jpg
Uinta Chipmunk, we are nearly sure of this We know someone who seems to have missed the part about thunderstorms
thumb_P1020063.jpg nonethumb_P1020064.jpg
Looking across at the trail up Angels Landing, yep up that fin Folks on top
thumb_P1020070.jpg nonethumb_P1020071.jpg
The teeniest lizard Us, safe and sound
thumb_P1020082.jpg nonethumb_P1020085.jpg
Brian heading back down the Wiggles The best Wiggles shot we got
thumb_P1020091.jpg nonethumb_P1020093.jpg
An owl in Refrigerator Canyon Grooved for safety
thumb_P1020097.jpg nonethumb_P1020111.jpg
The shuttle stop in the Grotto Pioneer Lodge and Internet Cafe
thumb_P1020114.jpg nonethumb_P1020102.jpg
Zion Park Laundry The artist at leisure
thumb_P1020103.jpg nonethumb_P1020108.jpg
Painting what she sees And a little gourmet cuisine in preparation for...
thumb_P1020117.jpg know it, another trip to the Giant Screen!

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