Day Twenty

Bryce National Park, UT to Bryce National Park, UT
June 14th, 2009

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Hiking in the Hoodoos.
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Lizards, Deer, Cicadas
North Campground, Bryce National Park
Escalante, UT

Daily Didactic
We rose at a leisurely hour in the awesome North Campground of Bryce Canyon National Park. We somehow lucked on campsite 78, which is perfectly situation for a side-door van, offering privacy and a view. That sentence was for the next road trip... We headed for one of two "over the rim" day hikes we have spied, this one was an eight mile walk called the Fairyland Trail. It seems everything we do in the parks is labeled "strenuous", but most of it is not really all that tiresome. This hike was an awesome three hour journey through hoodoos and valleys and dunes and such. There are a couple of pictures below...

We climbed back to the rim and had a lazy afternoon of reading before heading to the Bryce Canyon Lodge to try on a little lodge food for size. It was not impressive, but tasted great. After dinner we took advantage of the electricity the lodge had to offer and simultaneously charged the laptop and examined our trip calendar for a while. At the moment it appears we can still cram in everything we intend to do and have a bunch of three and four day layovers in pretty places along the way. This is, of course, not accounting for the inevitable breakdown and "getting to know a community" that hasn't happened yet.

We returned to camp, had a great campfire and called it another starry night in Bryce.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1020272.jpg nonethumb_P1020279.jpg
Morning in campsite 78 Hoodoos a few hundred feet from our site
thumb_P1020285.jpg nonethumb_P1020288.jpg
This is called a Window The meadow that starts the clockwise Fairyland Trail. We were the only ones going clockwise
thumb_P1020293.jpg nonethumb_P1020295.jpg
A hoodoo forest A hoodoo vista
thumb_P1020299.jpg nonethumb_P1020303.jpg
A sun dog, yes? Walking amongst the hoodoos
thumb_P1020304.jpg nonethumb_P1020309.jpg
Cool bark A desert rose
thumb_P1020310.jpg nonethumb_P1020312.jpg
A penguin. Look harder. A great trail shot
thumb_P1020317.jpg nonethumb_P1020326.jpg
Window Dunes
thumb_P1020330.jpg nonethumb_P1020335.jpg
Cicada making a racket It's a cat, come on you can see it
thumb_P1020347.jpg nonethumb_P1020348.jpg
The Tower Bridge Not the Tower Bridge
thumb_P1020350.jpg nonethumb_P1020359.jpg
Twirly Tree Another great trail shot
thumb_P1020369.jpg nonethumb_P1020371.jpg
Loop D, we like it Cowboy Stories
thumb_P1020372.jpg nonethumb_P1020377.jpg
The One-Burner Cookbook Fiery marshmallow
The night sky

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