Day Twentyone

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT to Coyote Gulch, UT
June 15th, 2009

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Gourmet pizza at Escalante Outfitters
Not getting into Coyote Gulch until early evening
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92 in the bus, 7 on foot
K'Naan, Tony Bennet
Sunny with scattered clouds
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Lizards, horses, cows
Our tent in Coyote Gulch, UT
Estes Park, CO

Daily Didactic
We rose at a reasonable hour and packed up camp. We needed to get on the road by noon to get to a trailhead in Escalante National Monument for Coyote Gulch. We wanted the squeeze a quick morning hike and settled on the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop combination, which our little visitors newspaper identified as the "Best Three Mile Hike in the World". As with yesterday's hike, this one was down in the hoodoos and was spectacular. It was also a little busy, as three mile hikes with no humility are likely to be. We're still not sure if we took the hike we intended to as, in an effort to navigate around a crowd, we made a quick trail fork decision toward the end. Any which way it was absolutely beautiful.

We climbed in the bus and headed out of the park toward the small town of Escalante, about 60 miles east. We slowed down in the odd community just outside Bryce where everything seems to be named after someone named Ruby (gas stations, RV Parks, stores, Best Westerns) to get some gas and make a few work week phone calls. From there we powered on over another pass through the town of Tropic east.

We got to Escalanate a little before two, feeling on course and on time. We stopped at the stellar Escalanate Outfitters gear shop, where they wisely also serve awesome pizza and beverages. Brian finished up a didactic and used their free wireless, while Theresa hit what Brian now understands to be the lamest grocery store in the west for some camping food. A little later than we intended we headed the five miles east to the "Hole In The Rock Road", thirty two miles down which was our trailhead. An hour and a half later, down arguably the worst washboard road any of us has ever seen, we found the Red Well trailhead. It took us an hour or so to get the packs off the roof and extract overnighting gear from the crannies of the bus.

We hit the trail far later than we expected at 6:30 and made it in about three and half miles before pitching our tent on top of a plateau surrounded by red rock.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1020382.jpg nonethumb_P1020386.jpg
Campsite 78, we love it Looking down from Sunset Point into Bryce Amphitheater
thumb_P1020391.jpg nonethumb_P1020399.jpg
A piece of The Best Three Mile Hike In The World The colors seem fake
thumb_P1020401.jpg nonethumb_P1020409.jpg
Hiking in the hoodoos Us in a one person tunnel, from the vantage of a kind stranger
thumb_P1020411.jpg nonethumb_P1020416.jpg
Queen's Garden CCC steps just before the switchbacks back up the rim
thumb_P1020430.jpg nonethumb_P1020431.jpg
Toward the south end of the park It was only us
thumb_P1020451.jpg nonethumb_P1020458.jpg
The road to Escalante Us
thumb_P1020459.jpg nonethumb_P1020465.jpg
Theresa and the biggest lizard we've seen, at the Escalante Visitor's Center That is a business plan, and it rhymes
thumb_P1020468.jpg nonethumb_P1020474.jpg
Theresa and our new friend Lilly Another pretty place
thumb_P1020476.jpg nonethumb_P1020482.jpg
We were heading the deceptively short 31 miles to Red Well This cow required driving around
thumb_P1020490.jpg nonethumb_P1020509.jpg
A gypsum wash, no doubt really bad in the rain Hiking down into Coyote Gulch
thumb_P1020517.jpg nonethumb_P1020520.jpg
A little lizard doing pushups on a old barrel The high debris mark from the last flash flood, a little spooky
thumb_P1020523.jpg nonethumb_P1020527.jpg
Easy hiking before the stream starts A cool waterfall and the beginning of Coyote Stream
thumb_P1020529.jpg nonethumb_P1020534.jpg
Cutting it's way through the red rock A beautiful red rock wall at sunset
About midway in, calling it a night

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