Day Twentythree

Coyote Gulch, UT to Moab, UT
June 17th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
Waking up in our cave arch
Leaving our cave arch
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The Bus Playlist
273 in the bus, 7 on foot
The Roots, ZZ Top, Ghostland Observatory
Sunny, overcast, and windy
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Night's Lodging
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Lizards, tadpoles, llamas, cows, horses
Moab KOA
Estes Park, CO

Daily Didactic
Our day began in easily one of coolest camp sites we've ever had. Our "cave arch" had a great view on the perfectly overcast hiking weather that would get us out of Coyote Gulch without baking in the sun. We're walking a fine line here. Sun could roast a couple of Alaskans and rain potentially brings a lot of water down the gulch and makes getting the bus out the Hole In The Rock road iffy. It took us about three and a half hours to return to the the Red Well trailhead. The sun started to peak out at the end of the hike, but more prominent were thunder clouds all around. It began raining just a bit as we drove another hour and a half back out to the highway.

We doubled the five miles back to Escalante to grab a snack and some gas before heading east on another couple of Utah's truly great highways. From Escalanate, Route 12 travels up and over another high pass, switches back and forth over 20 mile an hour hairpin turns, and then runs across a thin fin with no shoulders and monumental drop offs. In Torrey, the road heads east on Highway 24 through the Capital Reef National Monument which begins with amazing red rock cliffs and rock formations and segues into similar cliffs without any color other than gray. After Hanksville, Highway 24 assumes that "straight as an arrow" approach that roads can when they have no obstacles, until it hits I-70 which heads east with similar enthusiasm. After about 30 miles of gusty Interstate driving, Theresa took the Moab exit and we aimed for the thouroughly forgettable Moab KOA to take advantage of some laundry, electricity and showers.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1020711.jpg nonethumb_P1020712.jpg
Perhaps the most epic morning shot in three road trips No rain fly necessary
thumb_P1020709.jpg nonethumb_P1020737.jpg
The elegantly crafted kitchen table The trail out
thumb_P1020721.jpg nonethumb_P1020747.jpg
Also the trail out Erosion, we're pro
thumb_P1020748.jpg nonethumb_P1020753.jpg
A wrong turn up an old meander Sunflowers
thumb_P1020754.jpg nonethumb_P1020757.jpg
The mud is mighty red 'round here We saw a lot of deer and cow tracks, but only one set of these. We think muskrat
thumb_P1020760.jpg nonethumb_P1020765.jpg
Almost back to the bus, with ominous clouds forming all around Rain or no, pretty dry country
thumb_P1020767.jpg nonethumb_P1020768.jpg
Ruts in the Hole In The Rock road Poseys or Hell? Choices in Escalante
thumb_P1020773.jpg nonethumb_P1020777.jpg
Hairpin corner on Route 12 A meadow at 8000 feet on the summit before Torrey
thumb_P1020785.jpg nonethumb_P1020800.jpg
Lot's of steep We slowed down last trip, this time just a drive through
thumb_P1020795.jpg nonethumb_P1020809.jpg
Red cliffs Grey cliffs and some really uniformally placed deposits
thumb_P1020821.jpg nonethumb_P1020822.jpg
Vacancy Hanksville art
thumb_P1020845.jpg nonethumb_P1020853.jpg
When no obstacles impose roads naturally flow straight Late afternoon bus shadow
thumb_P1020854.jpg nonethumb_P1020863.jpg
We're shooting for Arches Moab, kids and stickers
The Moab KOA. there's a theme implied here, we're just not sure what

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