Day Twentysix

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO to Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
June 20th, 2009

High Point of the Day....
Low Point of the Day......
A good hanging out in the bus day
Being rained out of hiking
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NPR Podcasts, Peggy Lee
Overcast, windy, raining, with thunderstorms
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Night's Lodging
Where this Page was Uploaded
Glacier Basin Campground, Rocky Mountain National Park
Boulder, CO

Daily Didactic
The day started early with a peak out of the bus window at some very uninviting skies. Then it restarted a few hours later. Honestly, it didn't take much. Rainy bus days can be very enjoyable, hanging out and reading while insulated from the weather by our tin tent...

We ran into Estes Park to try to get the laptop charged up a bit and maybe grab a little lunch. All of this dry camping has left us with most of our batteries sapped, which makes this little web project a bit of a challenge. We spent a hour or so in the very nice Estes Public Library, Brian enjoying free internet and power and Theresa spreading out our small library of road trip books to research our impending shot across the midwest. However, before anything significant got accomplished, we headed down main street to find some lunch. The funky Wapiti (Elk in Coloradan) Pub and Grill was entertaining and effectively derailed anything productive after that. Heading back to the library seemed a little too much like work.

We got back to the campsite and caught up on a pile of Public Radio podcasts, along with some reading and painting. The sky dried up toward evening and we celebrated with a campfire before calling it a good lazy day.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030045.jpg nonethumb_P1030048.jpg
Morning in the aesthetically challenged Glacier Basin Campground Horses have the right of way in the park
thumb_P1030052.jpg nonethumb_P1030056.jpg
The very nice Estes Public Library The funky and partially subterranean Wapiti Grill
thumb_P1030062.jpg nonethumb_P1030064.jpg
Looking down into the grill from above The Estes Park hostel and a nice ride
thumb_P1030065.jpg nonethumb_P1030066.jpg
Seems like a very restrictive business plan The architecturally impressive Estes Park Theater. Not giant, however, so we skipped it.
thumb_P1030068.jpg nonethumb_P1030069.jpg
We stopped in for some education on glaciers and such Weather
thumb_P1030074.jpg nonethumb_P1030077.jpg
The visitor center and weather A small part of a big heard of Elk
thumb_P1030079.jpg nonethumb_P1030081.jpg
Big bull Even in the rain a very pleasant place to be
thumb_P1030083.jpg nonethumb_P1030084.jpg
Brian researching Theresa painting
thumb_P1030087.jpg nonethumb_P1030090.jpg
Happy Perhaps happier

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