Day Twentyeight

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO to Salina, KS
June 22nd, 2009

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The Donut Shop in Estes Park
Crazy morning humidity in Salina
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Elk, Cows, Horses
Salina KOA
Lexington, KY

Daily Didactic
The morning started on our last day in the Rockies, at the very pleasant Aspen Glen campground. We started early to make an 8:30 appointment in Boulder with our 2004 mechanic Verner. We drove past the last elk and mountains we are likely to see for a couple of weeks and wound our way the forty miles downhill to Boulder. We dropped the bus off for a new starter, a clutch adjustment, an oil change and a tune-up and walked a couple of blocks to Joe's Espresso to settle in for a few hours of electricity and wifi. Brian caught up with didactics and Theresa worked on finishing the book she's been reading.

Around noon the bus was done and we jumped onto I-70 to start the trek across the country's flat spot toward New York. After the initial shock of getting used to hurtling along at 65 miles an hour, the day went smoothly and very warmly. Oddly, while the starter started when asked, it ground like it had not before. Equally oddly, the bus had a lot of trouble when the gas pedal was not close to the floor, threatening to stall out. This was fine for highway driving, but made it a pain to drive in and out of a gas station.

We swapped Colorado for Kansas late afternoon and marveled at the extent to which things got hotter and flatter. Somewhere just west of Salina we were reminded of what humidity feels like, hitting an invisible wall that felt like stepping into a sauna. We called it a late night a few hundred miles east of the Rockies at the very warm and muggy Salina KOA.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030226.jpg nonethumb_P1030232.jpg
Morning at Aspen Glen More Rocky Mountain elk
thumb_P1030236.jpg nonethumb_P1030240.jpg
Pretty bridge on the road to Boulder Verners, where the bus found family
thumb_P1030241.jpg nonethumb_P1030250.jpg
Joe's where Brian found electricity and wifi Denver, through the industry
thumb_P1030262.jpg nonethumb_P1030273.jpg
The straight and flat to Kansas Cows, no doubt scheming
thumb_P1030276.jpg nonethumb_P1030277.jpg
It was colorful, which we appreciated Kansas welcomes us
thumb_P1030290.jpg nonethumb_P1030296.jpg
Tall elevators on Main in Goodland The world's largest easel, in Goodland. Wouldn't work for the artist below it
thumb_P1030312.jpg nonethumb_P1030316.jpg
Old and new technology Bugs
thumb_P1030321.jpg nonethumb_P1030325.jpg
Evening clouds over Kansas Just a road shot
thumb_P1030326.jpg nonethumb_P1030341.jpg
Hay rolls, we like them The bus casting a tall proud shadow
thumb_P1030364.jpg nonethumb_P1030368.jpg
Some things shouldn't need said Sunset on the plains

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