Day Twentynine

Salina, KS to Oak Grove, MO
June 23rd, 2009

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Junior at Browns Repair Shop
A parking lot in a sketchy part of Kansas City
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217 in the bus, 15 on a tow truck
On The Media, Ben Harper, Blues Traveler
100 degrees, humid, sunny, with thunderstorms
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Cows, Horses, Pit Bulls
Oak Grove KOA, MO
Oak Grove, MO

Daily Didactic
The day started early, in an effort to beat the humidity and get the only air conditioning the bus has working. AC in the bus is an imaginary thing, something you imagine when you hit 65 and have the windows rolled down. It's really just a stiff breeze. Sadly the bus barely started, the engine only willing to keep running when really revving. We launched out of our campsite and pulled over a little way down the side road to the KOA to check the timing. It was off a little but not bad. We got some gas, launched out of that parking lot, and hit the freeway.

The day's mission was to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City to see the Thomas Hart Benton collection. This was something we drove "all of the way" across Missouri to do last road trip, only to find that during a renovation it was tucked away in a basement. We pulled off the freeway at the direction of the iPhone toward the museum, the bus running marginally better than when it woke up. We wove around and eventually found the museum and ample parking. The ample parking was a result of the museum being closed Tuesdays. Comfortable that the Thomas Hart Benton collection simply didn't want to see her, Theresa suggested lunch before we headed on toward St. Louis. We found a nice "public house" and had some comfort food before stepping back out into what had become a 95 degree sauna outside. We climbed in the bus eager to find a freeway to hurtle down. Unfortunately, the bus seemed to be looking more for a parking lot to die in. Which it did. We rolled it under a shade tree, and Brian called our mechanics in Boulder to see if they could help him undo whatever they had done. Our Boulder mechanics were helpful, but unproductive. Eventually we began the process of finding the local old VW mechanics and got our first AAA tow to Brown's automotive in a typically sketchy part of Kansas City.

One of the few pleasures of breaking down in the bus is meeting good people. Danny and Junior at Brown's automotive are two of them. They stayed late, magical mechanic Junior got the air flow control valve straightened out, diagnosed the faulty rebuilt starter that had been put in in Boulder, and got us on the road in an hour. We found a KOA to stay at in nearby Oak Grove, and scheduled another starter replacement the next morning. The heat and humidity made it an easy call to splurge on an air conditioned "Kozy Kamping Kabin", in which we called it a night.

Daily Pictures (Slide Show)

thumb_P1030373.jpg nonethumb_P1030377.jpg
Morning in muggy Salina Church
thumb_P1030387.jpg nonethumb_P1030392.jpg
Scenic Kansas ...and again
thumb_P1030397.jpg nonethumb_P1030399.jpg
Symmetry on the freeway Tolls, we don't like them
thumb_P1030404.jpg nonethumb_P1030407.jpg
Kansas City coming into view Who wants tension with an envelope?
thumb_P1030409.jpg nonethumb_P1030412.jpg
The Nelson-Atkins Museum, closed on Tuesday Oldenburg Shuttlecocks, the museum is the net
thumb_P1030413.jpg nonethumb_P1030414.jpg
Sheep like art This art
thumb_P1030417.jpg nonethumb_P1030420.jpg
Sculpture Relief
thumb_P1030426.jpg nonethumb_P1030432.jpg
Beer art Bus art
thumb_P1030433.jpg nonethumb_P1030434.jpg
Ditto We are sad we missed the 20th
thumb_P1030446.jpg nonethumb_P1030447.jpg
...and a few hours later you know what this means Kozy Kamping Kabin!

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